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Vibrant Banners Advertise New Management at Pre-School in Fullerton CA

 Jun 20, 2016

Located at 3516 West Commonwealth Avenue, the Kiddie Learning Academy opens its doors on weekdays from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. This pre-school also provides infant care as well as after-school care for older children. Staff members assist young children with potty training. Hot meals and snacks are part of the package. This business is now under new management, which prompted the team to contact us for assistance with the design and manufacture of new vinyl banners for pre-schools in Fullerton, CA.

Standing out with Banners

Banners for preschools in Orange County CA

Banners let consumers know you are now enrolling!

Custom vinyl banners are an excellent advertising and branding tool. For the Kiddie Learning Academy, we focused on the fact that the school was accepting new enrollments, followed by the contact phone number. Spelled in white against a color or black backdrop, the consumer immediately focuses on this writing. The decorative white on red and white on blue letter boxes augment the call to action. Faces of happy children create the mood while a smaller mention of the new management team entices prospective clients to learn more about any changes that could enhance their experiences.

Who Uses Banners (and why)?

Banners for child care centers in Fullerton CA

Banners help advertise “Under New Management!”

Childcare centers and pre-schools are not the only businesses that rely on banners to advertise new services, products or important information. Retailers, financial services providers, tax accountants and car dealerships – among others – like to use banners for marketing purposes.

  • Generate foot traffic. A banner attracts attention. Prospective customers will step a little closer to see what is so new or noteworthy that it merits this display. Since this signage solution often signals a temporary offer or special, it makes sense that foot traffic will increase.
  • Make an announcement. Whether it is an open house, a grand opening celebration, the availability of a new product or a change of management teams, banners work well to communicate with your target demographic and others.
  • Call to action. In a clever way, this signage solution can incorporate a call to action that combines urgency with the advertisement.

Product Options

Fence banners for preschools in Fullerton CA

Fence banners, too!

Customizing your banner significantly enhances the authentic tone of its message. After all, expressing your brand and persuading your target demographic to pay attention is not something you easily achieve with generic designs. For starters, we discuss the size you prefer. Some clients like the idea of displaying multiple banners in different sizes. Doing so appeals to the eye and allows for a repetition of your message. Next, we talk about the material. Standard vinyl works well indoors and out; but if you anticipate windy conditions (or would like to be ready for them), we suggest vinyl mesh. The latter choice eliminates the need for cutting unsightly wind slits.

Hand in hand with this decision is the opportunity for upgrades. For example, pole pockets are ideal mounting accessories for windy conditions. Grommets ensure that wall mounting the banners repeatedly does not result in tears. Adding a hem around the grommets reinforces the material even more. As you can see, customization options abound. Contact us today to learn more about ordering vinyl banners for pre-schools in Fullerton, CA, or for any other type of business in and around the area.

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