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Pylon Sign Graphics and Refurbishing in Orange County

 Jun 17, 2016

Re/Max Cornerstone is a full-service real estate office that specializes in the combination of technology with a personal touch to serve its clients. To establish its presence more visibly at its Orange County location, the company’s management team needed to refurbish the pylon sign that still advertised another business on the property. Its management team contacted us for assistance.

Custom Printed Pylon Sign Faces in Orange County, CA

Pylon sign refacing in Orange County CA

We changed an existing pylon sign…

Panaflex pylon sign refacing in Orange County CA

…by refacing it using Panaflex material!

We visited our client’s business to take measurements of the pylon sign and to assess its overall shape. Whereas the prior business favored a gray on white décor, Re/Max prefers a colorful presentation with white, blue and red, which is then framed in black. The size of the marker is substantial. It measures eight feet in height and 26 feet in width. For this reason, we used a translucent banner material known as Panaflex that is ideal for backlighting and suitable for even the largest sign faces. If we had tried to use the typical polycarbonate sheets that we usually employ for refacing these types of signs, we would have had to use numerous cranes to support the weight.

Panaflex sign faces for pylon signs in Orange County CA

Does your pylon sign need refacing?

Panaflex has the advantage of spanning a large space without the need for structural reinforcement. Moreover, its light weight eases any strain on the sign’s support structure. When imprinting the material, we used a double strike technique to enhance the richness of the color display when illuminated. After painting the pole and sign frame black, the colors pop and stand out. The finished product excels at communicating the real estate professionals’ marketing and branding messages with a highly noticeable display.

Should You Replace or Refurbish?

When moving into a commercial space that was previously occupied by another business, you undoubtedly find some signage components left behind. While channel letters do need to be replaced because they are unique to the former tenant, signs with frames may be reusable. Examples include pylon displays, lightbox cabinets, and monuments.

  • Pylons. If the pole is in good condition and the frame holds up well, too, we only change out the facing. Choose from polycarbonate for standard sizes or Panaflex for larger displays.
  • Lightbox cabinets. We clean and paint the cabinet, remove the old facings and create new ones with your information.
  • Monuments. Plenty of monuments feature dimensional letters or channel letters. Removing those is a snap. We paint the surface to erase any sign of the old lettering and then install your company’s name display. Of course, before doing so, we inspect the monument to ensure that it still has plenty of useful life left.

We always check the signage for safety and list any possible repairs that may be necessary. If the costs of the repairs outweigh the expenses of a new signage product, we tell you right away. It is your choice how you wish to proceed. Contact our graphic artists to discuss cabinet, monument and pylon sign graphics and refurbishing in Orange County, CA. We work with you to find the most cost-effective solution to incorporate the already existing signage structure in your new marker display setup. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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