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Very “Social” Lobby Sign for Rallio in Irvine CA!

 Jun 21, 2015

Located at 8001 Irvine Center Drive in Suite 220, Rallio works with business clients who need social technology to manage their brands. This includes consumer engagement via social media platforms, the addition of personalization and a focus on reaching local consumers. When this company needed a lobby sign that would expertly brand its business, the management team contacted the signage professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics.

Lobby Signs for IT Companies in Irvine, CA

IT companies such as Rallio must stand out from the competition. Although this business succeeds at adding niche specifics to its product and services lineup, which competitors usually do not provide, those who simply peruse the listings of companies easily overlook this fact. For this reason, a standout lobby signage product is the key element to success.

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs Irvine CA

Custom font lobby signs a popular choice!

We designed a three-dimensional signage solution that stands out – literally and figuratively. We started with foam. This material is an excellent choice since it allows for varying thicknesses. The resulting products can be as dramatic as the client prefers. We then added a brushed metal laminate that faces the office. Metal is a favorite material of companies in the IT sector. The shiny surface presents with a visually pleasing contrast against the deep purple wall color. At the same time, it complements the hue.

When Your Lobby Sign has to Stand Out

Making your lobby sign pop is not something that you want to leave to chance. The lobby signs Irvine, CA, companies commission frequently have one thing in common: they must stand out and become a presence on the focal wall. Accomplishing this feat is possible when you work with the right signage shop.

  • Wall art. Some companies like the idea of turning a lobby sign and logo into wall art. Examples include the use of wall murals, which use the entirety of the wall space for the display. Then there are wall graphics, which place a large rendition of the name and logo directly on the wall. Another option is the use of acrylic boards to which we add multiple dimensional materials that highlight the name and logo.
  • Focal point. When you want to turn the lobby sign into the kind of focal point on the wall that does not require any artwork or other decorative touches to capture the eye, you cannot go wrong with three-dimensional displays. The sign we did for Rallio is a good example of this type of product. It catches the eye and stands alone. Even so, it dominates the wall space.
  • Brand builder. Identify your brand at a glance. Whether your company is famous for its avant-garde products, its longevity or its creativity, it is possible to communicate this attitude with the materials you select for the display. Examples include acrylic lettering, metallic signage or colorful vinyl overlays.
Lobby Signs for IT Companies in Irvine CA

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