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Graffiti-Proof Signs for Parks, Property Managers, and Real Estate Agents

 Jun 17, 2015

Graffiti is an unfortunate behavior that some individuals engage in without considering that the damage they do mars the enjoyment of a location for others. That said, it is now possible to commission signage that cleans up quickly and easily. Cases in point are graffiti-proof signs for parks in Orange County.

Fighting Vandalism One Sign at a Time

Graffiti-proof signs for parks in Orange County

Your park signs can be graffiti-proof!

Loyal readers of this blog will remember the work with did for the Rubidoux Village/Jurupa Valley folks whose monument sign was defaced by vandals stealing the metal lettering. We worked with them to design dimensional letters that looked like metal but were really made from PVC, which is essentially worthless to those selling metal bits and pieces for scrap. They were so happy with their new look that they referred the Riverside Land Conservancy and Santa Ana River Trust to us.

Keep Orange County Park Signs Graffiti-Free

Keep Orange County park signs graffiti-free!

These folks were having problems with vandals placing graffiti on their park signs, which greatly detracted from the beauty of the surroundings and the legibility of the markers. After a site survey, we recommended the use of 6mm-thick aluminum composite signage that could handle the attacks of vandals. By applying an anti-graffiti laminate, the digitally printed signs will remain looking great. We manufactured 12 signs that feature interesting information about local wildlife and a bit of the area’s history.

Graffiti-Free Real Estate Signs

Take advantage of graffiti-free real estate signs!

How it Works

When we treat a sign with an anti-graffiti laminate, it does not matter if the bad guys use permanent marker or spray paint to deface the signage. In fact, you do not even have to catch them immediately. If you do not notice a defaced sign for days or even weeks, you can still restore it to a like-new condition simply by applying lacquer thinner or rubbing alcohol to a lint-free cloth and then vigorously cleaning the sign. It really is this simple. The video below explains the process:

Not Just for Parks and Cities

We also offer graffiti-proof signs for property managers and real estate agents. Frequently, their signage is vandalized, which drags down property values and can make the sale of rental of a unit almost impossible. Consumers see the presence of graffiti as a warning sign of active crime in the area. In the past, these professionals would have had to commission countless replacement markers, which was a practice that was simply too expensive to continue.

Now, it is possible to simply clean off the signage after each attack. This has the added advantage of deterring local vandals from continuing their paint-fueled turf wars. Since nothing stays for very long, there is little satisfaction in this practice.

Graffiti-Free Signs for Property Managers in Orange County

Great for property managers, too!

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When you need the anti-graffiti signs Orange County and Los Angeles consumers will notice, our professionals can help. Call us today to discuss the type of signage that has been getting unwanted attention from taggers. We work with you to create products that look attractive and feature the anti-graffiti laminate. Cleanup is now going to be a snap whenever unsightly marker strokes or spray paint “art” appears. Since this technology is available for all types of markers, consider outfitting your entire property with these protective solutions.

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