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City of Fullerton New Public Works Decals!

 May 13, 2014
Vehicle logo decals Fullerton CA

New logo? Vehicle decals are a must do!

Whenever you see a Fullerton public works vehicle on the road, in a greenbelt or in your neighborhood, you know that a staff of professionals is working hard to maintain and improve the city’s infrastructure. Whether the vehicles carry a work crew to repair sidewalks, handle road repaving, trim trees or remove graffiti, the fleet of dump trucks, cherry pickers, heavy machinery, pump trucks, fire and emergency vehicles as well as riding mowers with a variety of attachments all proudly display the vehicle logo decals for the City of Fullerton, CA.

When it came time for the city to tweak its logo a bit, officials contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to manufacture sample decals. Once the new logo passes muster and the sample decals are approved, Fullerton will go ahead and update its public works vehicle decals and graphics. For Fullerton, CA, locals, this is an example of a city that takes pride in its presentation and takes its role of investment steward seriously. Vehicle decals for City of Fullerton, CA, also ensure that residents always know whether they are dealing with a bona fide city truck on their roads or a private company that is doing work for a neighbor. This greatly enhances the public safety.

Vehicle logo decals Orange County CA

The new decals reveal the City’s pride!

Are you in charge of your municipality’s work trucks? Are their decals intact? Over time – and with ample usage – these decals tend to get scratched. In some cases, the damage is so severe that it is impossible for residents to identify a truck as a city work vehicle. When parked on their roads, worried neighbors may contact law enforcement. You can avoid these false alarms, and at the same time enhance the look and overall appearance of your public works department, simply by ordering new decals.

  • Cost effective. Placing an order for a large quantity of decals that are similar in size or design reduces our production costs. We pass on the savings to you. This allows your city to save money while beautifying the look of the work vehicles that are in almost daily use.
  • Safety enhancing. Do not let your residents guess whether the tree trimmers are private company workers or city employees. If you need to exercise your easement rights and access a resident’s private backyard, a city worker has the right to do so. A private company employee must first get permission. Make a mistake here, and the police may be called erroneously.
  • Reputation building. Well-tended work vehicles reflect positively on your city. When the trucks, vans and utility vehicles prominently display bright city decals, you not only identify the automobiles as belonging to your city, but you also show off your pride in the city. This pride rubs off on work crews and will be reflected in the workmanship that employees provide.

Contact our experienced graphic artists and signage installers today for a complimentary quote. If you need help with modifications to your logo or color choice, we gladly help you. In some cases, these changes are exceedingly minute but nevertheless make a huge impact on the look and feel of the decals and other graphics.

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