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Unique Ideas for Vehicle Wraps and Graphics in Orange County

 Mar 13, 2014
Ideas for Car Wraps and Graphics Orange County

Yes, we wrapped a Honda scooter!

You know that your product is a hit when you have clients contact you with a request for a special modification. Vehicle wraps and graphics in Orange County are an example of one such product. The client in question is the owner and operator of Craig’s Crazy Critters. Operating in Brea and always available to provide dog sitting and dog walking services for anyone dialing 714-244-6459, Craig Hodgson wanted to take his marketing message on the road.

Since his business takes him to numerous addresses in and around the Brea area, he realized that one of our vehicle wraps would be a perfect advertising tool that could suit his needs. After all, contractors, landscapers and various other professional who make house calls are already using this means of building brand and name awareness. When Craig contacted Superior Signs and Graphics, he mentioned that his mode of transportation is not a car but actually a Honda scooter. Could we help this professional take his marketing message to the highways and byways of Brea? You bet!

Best vehicle wraps and graphics Orange County

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Our technicians designed a specialized wrap. A stylish black background holds white paw prints and dog bones that bespeak the type of pet Craig’s Crazy Critters loves to serve. To accommodate the curves of the scooter, we chose transfer tape and decals. Red lettering identifies Craig’s website. For the trunk, we altered the color pattern. On the sides of this trunk, we mounted signage that mimicked license plates signs but actually held his company information as well as the image of a dog looking out at those who are following the scooter.

Craig’s Crazy Critters is now proudly marketing among wrapped cars, vans and trucks on the roads of Brea, Fullerton and a variety of other nearby cities. And why not? Science has already proven that Orange County vehicle graphics are a hard-hitting and highly memorable advertising tool for the companies that are ready to increase their customer numbers.

Can I get my Motorcycle wrapped in Orange County

Our techs were eager to tackle this project!

  • Durable. With a durability that is measured in years – not months – this advertising tool spreads the word about your business whenever you are driving. The more vehicles you wrap with this durable product, the more would-be customers will see your message for the next five or so years.
  • Effective. Dollar for dollar, you attract more eyeballs with a wrap than with any other advertising medium. In part, this is due to the centralization of the marketing approach. You market to customers in your service area. In addition, most other forms of advertising are here today and gone tomorrow. A wrap, however, sticks with you for few years. Unlike the paper ad that is printed today and recycled tomorrow, you are still going to be driving your movable billboard when your newspaper advertisement is long forgotten.
  • Memorable. Vehicle wraps are fun! They are colorful, imaginative and bespeak your willingness to think outside the box. The artistic expression that goes into a wrap also serves as a great mnemonic device for those who see it. After all, who will not remember the wrapped Honda scooter with the cute dog bones?

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