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Textured Window Graphics for the Mulberry Street Ristorante in Fullerton CA!

 Oct 11, 2015

Located at 114 West Wilshire Avenue, the Mulberry Street Ristorante is a traditional Italian eatery with plenty of fresh seafood on the menu. Adding to the appeal of the dishes is the New York twist that the chefs put on the meals. When the restaurant’s management team decided to upgrade its exterior look with window treatments, it contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

Window Graphics for Textured Windows in Orange County

Custom window graphics for etched windows in Fullerton CA

Custom lettering on etched windows!

The exterior windows display old-world arches in wood frame settings. Foliage sets the tone for the atmosphere. Yet diners do not want to be on display to passersby. To maintain the look of the façade and highlight the eatery’s branding message, we proposed the use of textured vinyl window graphics. They obscure the view into the restaurant. At the same time, they allow lettering to highlight the meals that guests can expect to eat inside. Additionally, the graphics display the restaurant’s name. From the inside, the graphics are inconspicuous and do not interrupt the enjoyment of the ambiance.

Why Treating Your Business’ Windows Makes Sense

Etch window graphics for Fullerton CA Restaurants

A look from the inside!

If you are inspired to look at your windows right now, consider what you could do with them.

  • Enhance privacy. Whether these are the windows separating your conference room from the reception area or the windows that look out onto the street, frosted vinyl offers you a bit of privacy but still lets in all the sunlight.
  • Decorate. Textured vinyl looks very attractive. The same is true for an etched appearance. Unless you are right up close to the windows, it is impossible to tell if experts did the treatment at the factory or achieved the look with the help of budget-friendly vinyl.
  • Inform. Let consumers know what your hours are, how to find you online and how to contact you by phone. Expand on your niche if needed.
  • Advertise. Seasonal graphics and lettering are ideal marketing strategies for companies that rely on discounts, sales, special shopping occasions or events. The upcoming winter holiday season in particular is a great reason to get your graphics ordered now.

In addition to all these advantages, vinyl window graphics also support other marketing signage you are currently using. For example, they greatly enhance the message you communicate with the help of an A-frame sign or banner.

Commissioning Your Graphics

Custom restaurant window lettering in Fullerton CA

Use vinyl window lettering to market and advertise!

Whether you are in the market for vinyl lettering, digitally imprinted decals or textured window graphics in Orange County, our professionals can help. We routinely work with restaurant owners, retail store operators and office managers to create a look that uniquely suits a business. Whether you need something that is primarily decorative or you are going for the gusto with respect to a marketing message, our graphic artists provide the input and expertise needed to get your message seen.

Contact us today to discuss your window graphics. We gladly incorporate any artwork that you already have on file or design something completely new from the ground up. In addition, we show you how to incorporate other signage options with your window graphics for a great one-two marketing and branding punch.

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