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Signs and Graphics for Schools in Orange County

 Oct 08, 2015

Schools are unique in their signage needs. Depending on the age groups of students attending, signs may have to make sense to pre-readers as well as to adults. On mixed-age campuses, this is even more important to ensure the safety of all learners. At the university and college level, school properties are larger and easily more cumbersome to traverse. Excellent wayfinding signage is a necessity. When you are in charge of ordering signs and graphics for schools in Orange County, you have plenty of options.

Stadium Signage Inspires and Motivates

School stadium signs and graphics Orange County

Stadium vinyl wall wraps!

School stadium signs Orange County

Stadium signs!

Sports are a big deal at the high school and college level. Stadium wall signs provide young athletes with a glimpse into the history of a school’s sports team and the athletes that excelled with their achievements. Wall wraps turn plain walls into motivating displays of school pride with team colors and mascots. Since a good many sports programs rely on donations from the community, it makes sense to turn tennis court windscreens and on-field fence coverings into spaces where donors see their names and business logos displayed as a sign of gratitude for the help they provided.

Wayfinding on the Interior and Exterior

Interior wayfinding signs for schools Orange County

Exterior and interior wayfinding and directional signs!

Wall signs mounted overhead or blade markers attached perpendicular to the wall point in the direction of the computer lab, administrative offices or cafeteria. Since many campuses require students to travel inside as well as outside to reach their class destinations, it makes sense to also display wayfinding signs on the outside. Post and panel markers are ideal, as are wall graphics right outside the gymnasium, chemistry lab and other rooms dedicated to specific classes. Add lettering to the graphics to enhance understanding. At the preschool level, graphics are the primary wayfinding signage choices that appeal to pre-readers and help even the youngest students to locate restrooms and cubbies.

Get Learners Motivated to Excel

Wall graphics for schools in Orange County

Motive and inspire with wall graphics!

Wall graphics in the computer lab attract the eyes of those looking away from monitors. Inspire these students with messages of success, quotes from respected scientists or authors, and outlines of traits commonly associated with successful professionals. If your school is in the habit of focusing students’ attention on one character trait per month or week, display it with banners on the exterior as well as on the interior of your venue. These changeable displays remind students of the personal quality the school emphasizes and motivates them to excel at this trait.

Marketing and Branding

Advertising and marketing signs for schools in Orange County

Advertising and marketing signs!

School kiosk wraps Orange County

Kiosk wraps!

We would be remiss in not mentioning the marketing and branding aspects of signage. Kiosks wrapped in school colors and displaying the name and mascot of the institution market to parents at sports events. The same is true for easy ups and banners displayed during league meets elsewhere. Pylon banners inform parents, students and members of the community about upcoming summer classes, camps and extracurricular activities.

Contact the experts at Superior Signs and Graphics to discuss your needed signs and graphics for schools in Orange County. We work with you to put together an attractive suite of products that presents your campus with a cohesive display. If you only require one or two signs, we can help you there, too. Call us today to get started.

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