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Are Your Car Wraps in Orange County Superior?

 Jun 26, 2014
SuperiorCarWraps.com in Orange County

Make your car wraps in Orange County superior!

Recent visitors to our SuperiorCarWraps.com website have asked us whether car wraps are really an important marketing tool for the average business. These website visitors were wondering if print ads or even building signage would not be a much more effective advertising tool than a wrapped work truck, van or car. So, we thought it was time to address some of the frequently asked questions surrounding this product. How effective are car wraps in Orange County? Can they make a difference in a customer’s perception of your business? Your questions – answered.

Q: How are wraps superior to billboard ads?

A: You can display the identical message on a wrap and on a billboard. The billboard’s message will only be read when consumers walk or drive past it. The wrapped truck with the marketing message can drive to where the consumers are. Moreover, you have the option of taking this wrapped vehicle to your target demographic in locations that are convenient. If your target demographic includes parents, drive your truck past playgrounds, parks and schools. If you are targeting a new neighborhood territory, become a visible presence in the area just by driving through the streets. This is not something that you can hope to accomplish with a stationary billboard.

Best car wraps in Orange County at SuperiorCarWraps.com

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Q: Do consumers really remember the look of a wrapped vehicle?

A: The more imaginative, inventive and eye-popping the design, the easier it is for a consumer to remember it. The friendly experts at SuperiorCarWraps.com know how to put together the perfect wrap for your business niche and vehicle type. Studies have proven an extremely high retention rate – 97 percent – for consumers who reported seeing a vehicle that displayed graphics. This is not something that you can imitate with a print ad in the local newspaper.

Q: I provide a service; what good will a wrapped vehicle do for my business?

A: Does your service take you to the consumer’s home? In the case of landscapers, mobile notaries, contractors and delivery businesses, the addition of a colorful vinyl automotive wrapping can help you stand out from the competition. After all, how many folks hire the same landscaper on your street? If you show up with a wrapped vehicle, you might stand out next to the gardener who does not have one. You will look more professional and if the customer next door is thinking of changing gardening services, it may very well be your business that gets a call. Even if your service business requires customers to come to your location – in the case of a chiropractor or attorney, for example – the wraps still advertise your name, business niche and contact information.

What are orange county car wraps made of

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Q: Who can help me design the perfect wrap?

A: The experienced wrap artists at SuperiorCarWraps.com have plenty of know-how and business expertise that they love to share with customers. Whether you have all the artwork you could ever need or have to start from scratch, we can help you design the ideal wrap that highlights your niche, represents your company and helps you to stand out from the competition. What are you waiting for? Get marketing today!

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