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Storefront Window Graphics That Attract Customers and Provide Visibility in Newport Beach, CA!

 Aug 24, 2021

Newport Getaways does business at 3421 North Newport Boulevard. It handles vacation rentals and property management. The company’s management team hired Infinite Digital Media (IDC) to design storefront window graphics in Newport Beach, CA. After putting together an eye-catching design that combines a wide variety of intricacies, IDC hired Superior Signs and Graphics to produce the window wraps and install them.

Working with a Full-Service Sign Shop Gives You Flexibility

storefront window graphics in Newport Beach CA

You already know that our sign shop handles design, fabrication, and installation in-house. We have invested in late-model equipment that allows us to put together even the most challenging signage products. Moreover, we have the needed vehicles to handle the types of installations other shops cannot.

That said, you have the advantage of requesting that we only handle one or two of these elements. As was the case with IDC, that company was in charge of the design. They did not need to work with our in-house graphic artist. As a result, they only required our production and installation expertise. We can do the same for your company.

Making Newport Getaways Stand Out

see through window graphics in newport beach, ca

The window graphics are actually full wraps. We selected the vinyl that would be best suited for the project. Next, we received the specs from IDC and used them to size and print the finished product. You will notice that the images are in full color, feature gradient color changes, and show seam interruptions where perfect lining up of the vinyl would be critical.

Next, our team went to the location and cleaned the window panels. The surfaces have to be completely clean and dry. This is the first step in installing storefront window graphics in Newport Beach CA. Our specialists measured the individual boards and double-checked that the alignment of the style elements would be perfect. We then installed the vinyl panels. Look closely; there are no bubbles. Moreover, the corners are perfect. In addition, the seams, well, they aligned precisely the way they are designed to.

Finishing Touches for Window Graphics

window wraps that you can see through from inside in newport beach, ca

When clients order perforated vinyl to allow sunlight to come in and people to see out, we add a clear finish that prevents dirt from collecting in the tiny perforations. Another finish we propose is an anti-graffiti coating. If you have a business in an area where spray paint or marker scribbles on windows and signs happen more frequently, we recommend protecting your investment with this coating. It lets you wash off the vandalism and restores the great looks of your signage.

Do You Need Storefront Window Graphics in Newport Beach, CA?

Are you a business that is ready to put its window panels to work? We can incorporate your brand messages, color palette details, and other artwork to create stunning products. For the franchisee who has specs from the corporate headquarters, we will gladly put these together for you and install them.

We also work with advertising agencies, digital marketing firms, and out-of-state sign shops to receive or produce the signs you have put together for a customer. From there, we ensure a flawless installation that makes the customer, and you, look good.

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