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Window Graphics

Window Graphics And Decals Can Help Attract Customers To Your [City] Business And Advertise Products & Services – Using Space You Already Have!

You pay monthly for your retail or commercial property – so why not use existing window space to bring in more customers and make each square foot more efficient?  Window graphics, decals and lettering are the perfect answer! A reasonably priced investment in advertising with a message and graphics that can be changed out as often as you like – WOW…what a concept! Whether you are in [City], or Cerritos or elsewhere in Orange County – we can help!

Four Types of Window Graphics That You Can Choose From

The following options are available when designing window graphics:  Perforated, Full blockout (non-perforated), Die cut graphics and lettering, and Etched or frosted vinyl graphics.  Each option has its pros and cons, but most customer needs can be met with one of the four types.  

Perforated Window Graphics Are See Through from the Inside

Perforated window graphics are becoming more and more popular as they offer the opportunity to display graphics on the outside of your storefront windows, while allowing those inside to see out through the holes in the vinyl.  From the inside, it looks like you are looking through a screen, and from the outside – customers see the full color graphics. There are several perforation patterns available, but 65/35 is the most popular for storefronts as it gives the most vibrant graphic images.  The 65/35 means that 35% of the vinyl is punched out. We typically combine an optically clear laminate to protect the perforated vinyl prints from UV rays and to make them easier to clean. Because of the manufacturing process, perforated window graphics are the most expensive option.

Full Blockout Window Graphics Give the Best Color and Clarity

Full blockout window graphics are also the lowest cost per square foot of coverage, as they are manufactured with standard (non-perforated) vinyl.  They can be combined with a standard UV protecting laminate, or an Anti-graffiti laminate that allows permanent marker and spray paint to be removed with a rag and rubbing alcohol.  Although full blockout doesn’t allow you to see out from the inside, they do project the image in reverse on the inside of the glass. Blockout graphics are perfect for windows that have an obstruction on the other side (apparel racks, kitchen equipment), and are often used for covering windows during tenant improvement buildouts – while simultaneously advertising the new tenant that is coming soon.  Vacant suites for lease can also benefit from blockout window graphics.

Die Cut Window Graphics and Lettering Allow Spot Placement for Maximum Effect

Die cut window graphics and lettering can be as simple as a company logo and hours of service on the front glass door of a business.  Die cut means that the graphics are individual logos and letters that are specifically placed on the glass in desired locations. Because of the open glass around the die cut window graphics, light does get in.  We often design die cut window graphics with a white outline around any dark components as the tinted glass on most commercial buildings will cause dark colors to get lost.

Etched and Frosted Glass Graphics Are Elegant and Look Really Expensive

Etched and frosted vinyl graphics can make a conference room glass wall look like it was sandblasted or mechanically etched – all for the price of vinyl graphics.  Although this type of graphics are the second most expensive option, they give a very unique look. Stripes and bands of etched vinyl can be “reverse cut” with lettering or logos – meaning that they are cut out of the band of etched vinyl showing the clear glass. Individual letters and logos can also be die cut out of etched vinyl.

We Offer Professional Design Services and We’re 3M Preferred Graphics Installers in [City], [State]!

We have talented Graphic Designers that can help you turn your ideas into beautiful window graphics – or you can provide the design!  We produce our graphics at our Buena Park facility right on the border of [City], and can reach all of Orange County and most of LA and Riverside Counties. We are a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer and have undergone training and certifications to achieve that rating.  Our 3M Preferred Graphics installers will ensure your graphics look right!

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