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Crafton Hills College Directs With New Parking Lot Signs in Orange County

 Aug 19, 2014
School parking lot signs Orange County

Does your school, college or university have adequate parking lot signage?

Located at 11711 Sand Canyon Road in Yucaipa, the Crafton Hills College has prepared itself to welcome approximately 5,635 students for the beginning of its fall semester. Since the school is upgrading its campus, the safety team early on decided that it would be necessary to add some signage to the parking facilities, which would help new students – and those who have been off campus for a while – to find their ways around. The team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

We have plenty of experience with college parking lot signs in Orange County. Safety is a major concern of school administrators, and using these lots easily gets frustrating when students, faculty members and visitors all try to park in a limited number of spaces. To avoid this gridlock, Crafton Hills College asked us to make signs that identify additional parking as well as point out the availability of the free OmniTrans. (All it takes is a readily available student I.D. card.) The school went one step further and provided an easy-to-read map of off-campus parking lots. This makes it easy for students and visitors alike to plan their commute and allow for ample time to get to the needed classes and appointments.

School parking lot directional signage Orange County

What about directional parking lot signage?

Of course, schools are not the only entities in need of parking lot signs in Orange County. Medical office complexes, grocery stores, government offices and even apartment building complexes require signs and reminders that help motorists and pedestrians to safely interact in these venues.

Post and panel signs. Post and panel markers are a great option for identifying commercial parking spaces that are allocated to certain vendors. This is particularly important when dealing with facilities where numerous vendors share one large lot. By identifying the parking opportunities that are allocated to a vendor, it allows consumers to choose their parking options that are near the entrances of this particular business.

Aluminum markers. These are easy to hang on light poles and stand-alone posts. Aluminum signs alert drivers of the need to stop, to merge or to yield to pedestrians. By identifying one-way lanes, these signs ease gridlock – particularly during busy shopping seasons when everyone seems to be looking for a parking spot at the same time.

Floor graphics. Always ensure a reserved space for the leasing office with a floor graphic that identifies the one or two spots allocated for the employees. The same is true for medical facilities that want to set aside parking spots for staff members.

College parking lot signs Orange County

Our production area is ready to create your parking lot signs!

Your particular group or business may have other unique parking safety needs. Perhaps you operate an elementary school and want to facilitate the speedy but safe drop-off of students in a designated zone. Then again, you may be opening a new shopping venue but only offer limited parking. Designating certain spots for your most popular vendors is a must. In many cases, you may actually want to set apart a few short-term parking spots that allow consumers to simply run in and out of the establishment to pick up dry-cleaned clothes or a pizza. Talk to our knowledgeable parking lot signage experts to discover how the right signs can make a huge difference.

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