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Service Businesses in Orange County Need a Great Sign and Graphics Company!

 Dec 28, 2016

Best Commercial Sign Company for all your signage needs in Orange County CA Choose one professional for all your signage needs!

Superior Signs and Graphics is the best sign and graphics company in Orange County, CA, for service businesses and all other types of enterprises. Working with our full-service sign shop makes a difference. In particular, there are three distinct advantages for the corporate client.

One stop signage shop for service businesses in Orange County CA

From vehicles to exterior signs and graphics that brand, we can help!

  1. One in-depth design appointment. When you meet with our graphic artists to put together a design, we save your graphics. As your business grows and you need more signs, we have everything on hand – from color specs to logo measurements. Subsequent design consultations may take place over the phone, by email, or during brief visits. This setup saves you time.
  2. A big picture design approach. Working with a number of sign makers puts you at a disadvantage. Even though each one may provide you with a great product, the failure to see the big picture presentation you have in mind will result in items that do not necessarily work well together. When we handle the project management aspects of your order, signage harmonizes and looks great.
  3. Money savings. Because our experts work with a wide variety of materials, printing processes, and design tools, we understand the intricacies of each one. We do not cut corners or use low-quality materials. This commitment saves you money because it ensures that your products last as long as you anticipate. You do not have to replace them before their useful lives are up (with proper care and typical use).
Fleet graphics for service businesses in Orange County CA

We ensure all your fleet graphics match!

Multi-project Management Example: Disaster Kleenup/Better Restorations

When we started working with this company, the client visited our shop and showed us why the business was unhappy with its current vehicle graphics setup. A dark design required a black wrap that absorbed heat and was, therefore, unsuited for long-term use. Adding insult to injury, another sign shop used cheap vinyl for the job, which sped up deterioration. While talking with the client, it turned out that the company wanted something different.

Frequent readers of our blog know that our designer sat down with the company’s representative to put together a new graphics layout. The owner wanted simplicity that would nevertheless catch the attention of passersby. Also, the information had to be readable from a distance. We put together a comprehensive redesign that looks clean, easy to read, and features all the information a consumer might want at a glance.

Choose one commercial sign company for all your fleet graphics

Are you working with one commercial sign shop?

Impressed with the new design, the owner ordered a vehicle wrap for a box truck. He also wanted graphics packages for two vans, a stakebed truck, and a pickup truck. Next, we did window graphics for the storefront, magnets for other vehicles used in the business, banners, and yard signs that the company puts up temporarily at job sites.

Meeting for a Design Consultation

We do not just claim to be the best sign and graphics company in Orange County, CA, for service businesses, retailers, and others; we also prove it. Contact our experts today to schedule a design consultation appointment. We show you the difference that collaborating with a full-service sign shop makes.

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