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Wall Mural for Cal State Fullerton Titan Shops Shows School Pride!

 Dec 21, 2016

For this post, we are taking you back to the Cal State Fullerton campus. We have worked extensively with the school in the past. Among the projects we completed are vinyl wall wraps for a stadium area, a concession kiosk wrap, and a book and student store LED sign. This time, the school’s administration called us to come back and add some wall décor in the form of wall murals. For schools in Fullerton, CA, this project type is the most cost-effective method of achieving significant visual change in any given area of the campus.

Turning Sketches into Tangible Products

Wall Decor for Schools in Orange County CA

Vinyl makes great wall decor for schools!

After consulting with our client, we prepared murals that we installed on the wooden-faced wall at the Titan Shops. This initial part of the project is small – compared to the rest of the wraps we intend to add. It features a texturized blue background and reads “Now Entering Titans Territory.” The lettering shows the orange bordering that students are so familiar with.

Wall Murals for Schools in Orange County CA

Great for school pride!

Because of the wall’s setup, the installation of the mural was a precision job with no room for error. (Of course, this work ethic is the one our installers bring to every project.) You can now see the finished wall portion at the entrance to the second floor. Looking forward, we intend to place a larger wrap at the book checkout section and on the window bank at the ground floor entrance.

Why Choose Murals for Wall Décor?

Kiosk Wraps for Schools in Orange County

We also wrapped a kiosk for the book store!

Business clients frequently ask us how they can imbue their spaces with a distinct atmosphere that does not call for dust-catching knickknacks, expensive corporate wall art, or make the area unsuitable for work because of lingering paint fumes. Over the years, we have learned that standing out in business is best achieved by complete customization of as many aspects of your space as you have control over. Therefore, rather than buying generic wallpaper from the bin at the big box renovation store, choose a unique mural or wallpaper to decorate your space and get across your message in the process.

LED readerboard signs for schools in Orange County CA

Check out this LED readerboard sign!

The benefits of this approach certainly stack up.

  • Complete control over the look and feel of the area. You do not have to accept someone else’s vision of what a geometric pattern on your walls should look like. It is your space and your choice.
  • Incorporate textures for added pizzazz. You want clients or customers to walk away with an impression that lasts. Our technicians routinely work with textured vinyl that features surfaces mimicking pebbles, sand, waves, and similar decorative touches. Depending on your choice of image or color, they give you the opportunity to boost the ambiance at your location.
  • Integrate a brand message in your wall décor. Something as subtle as the addition of corporate colors, the selection of photographs, or the use of words and phrases can make a huge difference in the way clients interact with your brand.
Wall Wraps for Schools in Orange County CA

Want wall decor for your school?

If we have piqued your interest in learning more about wall décor for schools in Fullerton, CA, or for any other type of setting, talk to the experts at Superior Signs and Graphics to learn more.

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