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See-Through Window Graphics Use Storefront Windows for Advertising Products & Services in Tustin!

 Oct 23, 2019

CB Physical Therapy is a returning customer to our sign shop. In the past, we did several sets of custom-made wall murals and inspirational wall graphics. They were aimed at encouraging patients who were undergoing treatment. This time around, the company contacted us to create see-through window graphics.

Advertising with Perforated Vinyl Window Graphics

Storefront see-through window graphics in Tustin CA

See-through window wraps add privacy!

We met with the client to discuss the overall presentation of the window graphics. Because the Tustin location has a long bank of windows that faces the parking lot, it makes sense to use the panes as advertising tools. However, because patients and staff members want the sunlight to stream in and the ability to see out, the client requested the use of perforated vinyl.

This material is an excellent choice to accomplish both goals. We imprinted vinyl with photos and text that repeats the office’s tagline and outlines some of the therapists’ specialties. We also used this opportunity to repeat the company’s logo that is part of its building sign high above the entrance. Now, prospective patients have an easy time locating the clinic and understanding what CB Physical Therapy is all about.

Why Use Perforated Vinyl?

Perforated Window Graphics in Tustin CA

These window wraps offer big spaces to advertise!

This material is an excellent product when you want to maintain the natural sunlight that enters your location. It is also instrumental for the ability to see out. As a result, it is a favorite of business owners with specific needs.

  • Waiting room windows. You have customers sitting in a waiting room. Whether you operate a spa or clinic, there is a good chance that those visiting would appreciate some privacy. Therefore, it makes sense to present brand information with colors and the corporate persona on the outside while on the inside, those waiting for service can see out.
  • Rear car windows. When you participate in the mobile marketing revolution, you most likely invested in a wrap for your business van, car, or truck. Because rear windows are excellent advertising locations, it is a good idea to incorporate them into your wrap design. However, you need perforated vinyl so that the driver can see outside.
  • Window banks. Whether you operate a clinic, gym, or dojo, take a page from the playbook of CB Physical Therapy, and use windows for advertising purposes. Because you do not need them for product displays, they can advertise your service packages or function as brand differentiators that set you apart from the competition.

How to Order Your See-Through Window Graphics in Tustin, CA

Window Wraps for Storefronts in Tustin CA

Ready to put your storefront windows to use?

Our sign shop routinely works with companies that want to advertise their products and services with the help of window graphics. Perforated vinyl is your best choice. That said, if you do not worry about being able to see out, consider the use of standard vinyl.

The designs you select could be something that you already have on hand. Examples include style elements from your sales collateral or other items. If you do not yet have images to choose, our graphic artist will gladly assist you with selecting appropriate stock photos.

We ensure that these are not the same graphics that the competition is using. Besides that, we can customize the design of your window advertisement to be unique to your brand. Contact us today to learn more about your options!

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