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Custom Made Wall Murals Add to the Theme and Décor of Brea Physical Therapy Provider Facilities!

 Dec 12, 2018

Healthcare wall murals Brea CA

Located at 3230 East Imperial Highway, Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy recently remodeled its exercise and therapy area. There were plenty of open walls. To make the space more inviting, the clinic’s management team asked our sign shop to put together custom-made wall murals in Brea, CA.

Four-Wall Project Adds Inspiration and Pizzazz to a Patient Space

We began with a word wall, which features a variety of inspirational quotes. They spur on patients who are working on regaining their range of motion. Many are athletes who seek to restore an edge. Others are individuals who want to get back to doing the sports that they loved to engage in before suffering an injury. Another wall displays the mission of the physical therapy exercises. Now, these sayings are always in front of therapists and patients alike. Also, they add an attractive visual feature to the spacious exercise area.

Wall Murals Change the Way Consumers Interact with Your Brand

Custom wall graphics in Brea CA

Wall graphics are motivational…

The walls of your space have the power to engage the consumer. Are these spaces plain? Maybe you use them to hang posters. Why not change the way that they appear?

  • Sales messages. Do you devote one side of your store’s displays to a particular product? Maybe you are a service provider with a strong commitment to a specific consumer good. Use the wall space of your facility to highlight the advantages of the item and showcase happy customers making good use of it.
  • Brand displays. It is never a bad idea to display your corporate name and logo. Show it prominently on the focal wall that customers see as soon as they enter the space. Because we can go as large as you like, it is possible to take up an entire wall space with the feature.
  • Scene setting. If you sell hiking boots, add a mural that shows a rugged trail. It puts shoppers in the right mood. For fine jewelry, you might consider a Parisian cityscape. Restaurants have had excellent success with using murals for setting the tone at their eateries.
  • Word walls. Take a page from the playbook of Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy, and add an inspirational word wall. Not only does it underscore your brand, but it also directly addresses the customer or client at your location.

Selecting the Best Custom Made Wall Murals for Your Location

Physical therapy wall murals and graphics Brea CA

…and Inspiring!

Customization is the critical element for a successful display. What looks great for one business will not work for another one. We recommend meeting with our graphic artist to put together a look that is unique to your brand and setting. Our team helps you choose graphics that work for the space you have.

3M Certified Wall Graphics Installers California

Our team of 3M Certified Installers do the job to your satisfaction!

Most importantly, we ensure that you do not use a setup that looks like another firm’s presentation. This mistake could be detrimental to your brand. In addition, it could leave customers confused. Avoid this pitfall by having an expert in the field assist with the image selection.

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