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Custom Wall Logo Sign for La Habra Children’s Museum Names the Light Game!

 Oct 23, 2019

Foam Letter Wall Logo Signs | La Habra CA

You find the Children’s Museum at La Habra at 301 South Euclid Street. Until the end of September, it will be closed for renovations. One of the things you’ll see when it reopens is a giant illumination game that kids can play with. To label this station, the museum contacted our sign shop and requested a custom wall logo sign for La Habra.

Creating a Child-Friendly Logo Sign That Stands Out

We worked with the client to create a sign that attracts the attention of youngsters. The dark backdrop of the playing field reminds of the Lite-Brite game. Of course, these lights are far bigger and perfect for little hands. Whimsical instructions on either side explain to kids how to use the station.

Our sign consists of three-dimensional sign foam that juts out considerably. We combined custom colors with brushed metal faces for fun and an eye-catching display. Team members centered the style elements above the station for a visually aesthetic presentation that attracts the eye and brings curious children closer.

Advantages of Choosing Sign Foam

3D Logo Lobby Signs | La Habra CA

Colorful logo signs great for child engagement!

This material is an ideal option for a museum or a business. It allows for depths of up to three inches, which creates a tangible display that looks substantial from across a room. Similarly, it’s possible to paint, which allows for matte or high-gloss looks. Besides that, we can treat the fronts of the letters with metal, acrylic, or vinyl overlays. These treatment options make sign foam one of the most versatile signage solutions.

Other Logo Sign Materials

If sign foam is not to your liking, consider acrylic. It comes in transparent sheets that we paint according to your specifications. With acrylic, we limit the thickness of the product to about an inch.

When you choose metal, you might pick copper, stainless steel, or Cor-Ten steel. Each metal has its unique color and look. We can artificially age the metal, which can be in keeping with your unique brand message.

3D Foam Letter Logo Wall Signs La Habra CA

Foam letters durable and attractive!

Another option is formed plastic, which allows for the display of prismatic facings. They add visual interest to your wall and combine with the color play to create an artistic rendition of your corporate persona. This type of sign would be ideal for a firm in the arts or software engineering.

You might also consider a vinyl overlay as a logo sign. In this scenario, we imprint the vinyl with your name, logo, and any message that you want to get across. We can correctly center it on your wall or opt for a stylish addition that might be off to the side.

How to Order a Custom Wall Logo Sign for La Habra, CA

When you need a custom wall logo, our graphic artist can assist you with the design as well as the material selection. Most importantly, we help you pick out the right size for your location. Doing so is possible when you invite us out for a site survey, which enables us to take measurements and factor in other signage solutions or decorative elements on your walls.

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