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Get Your Orange County President’s Day Sale Signs Now!

 Jan 23, 2014
President's Day Sales Signs for Orange County

Sell More with Signs and Banners on President’s Day!

Are you in the business of selling big-ticket items? If furniture, musical instruments, large appliances or automobiles are part of your inventory, it pays to get in on the President’s Day sale action early. Of course, smaller retailers, too, greatly benefit from the deep discount hype that large national sellers are stirring up.

To make the most of the opportunity, it is crucial to have the right kind of signage ready to go. Since Orange County is famous for its furniture stores and car dealerships, even service providers should consider jumping on this particular bandwagon. After all, when folks buy a new (or used) car, they will eventually need oil changes and tire rotations. If this is a service you provide, why not offer a great special on pre-paid service cards?

President's Day Banners for Orange County

Custom Banners Great Way to Announce Your Sale!

Making the Most of the Opportunity

  • Get your signs now. At Superior Signs and Graphics, we have ensured that we have the highest staffing levels now to meet your signage needs. If you have put off the purchase of much-needed interior or exterior signs, give us a call today.
  • Repeat your Black Friday deals. There is no harm in putting up popular items for sale. If they got folks into the door right after Thanksgiving, why would they not also appeal to them now?
  • Plan your deals and discounts. If you are a retailer, it is a good idea to place your biggest sale items into a central display. Well-informed sellers usually place these shelves closer to the back of the store, where customers need to first walk past their other products.
Sidewalk Signs Great for President's Day Sales!

Sidewalk Signs Great for President’s Day Sales!

Getting the Best President’s Day Sales Signs for Orange County

Think big and do not skimp on exterior as well as interior signs. The basic necessities include:

  • Window graphics. The windowpanes are already part of your store’s makeup. Do not let this big advertising space go to waste. Rather, use it to advertise the fact that you are having a President’s Day sale and bring in some whimsical decals featuring Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, whose birthday is actually being celebrated on that day.
  • Show your stars and stripes. Hanging out the bunting is always a good idea. You have the opportunity to re-use it for July 4th.
  • Banners and flags. These exterior markers get a lot of attention. If you operate a larger property or do business in a strip mall where there is competition on each side of you, these flags can make a world of difference.
  • Wall graphics. Easy to apply and easy to remove, these graphics set the mood inside your store. Add decals that visually announce the presence of deep discounts, price cuts and closeout sales.
  • Posters. Hang posters from the ceilings wherever it seems feasible. They should direct consumers to your specially discounted items and tell other shoppers what sales they may not yet have heard of. Remember: not every consumer inside your store has read your circular or seen your ads in the paper. Some may just stop by because your flags or window graphics enticed them. Use the interior banners to offer additional details about your President’s Day sales and specials.
  • Sidewalk Signs. These are a one-time investment and custom printed inserts announcing your sales are inexpensive to produce.

Contact us today and together, we’ll come up with the best signs to help you sell more on these holiday sale days!

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