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Dimensional Sign Lettering for Cities and Counties in Southern California

 Jan 19, 2014
Exterior Acrylic Dimensional LetterSigns City of Industry CA

Their Logo and Dimensional Letters Stand Out Nicely!

Founded in 2002, Astrophysics is located at 21481 Ferrero Parkway in California’s City of Industry. This company is in the business of manufacturing cutting edge imaging technology for the medical as well as security sectors. Astrophysics is pioneering the latest technological advances in security x-ray engineering and detection imaging. When the business redesigned its logo and needed to upgrade its exterior signage, the owners contacted Superior Signs and Graphics.

We visited the location for a site evaluation. After discussing the signage needs with company officials, we discovered that they needed signage that would appeal primarily to daytime visitors. We designed some sketches that showed 16-inch-tall acrylic-faced dimensional letters. The redesigned logo is round and slightly overshadows the lettering since it is 35 inches tall. We mounted both marker elements to the side of the building. Since this change, Astrophysics has become an example for the look of exterior dimensional letter signs for City of Industry, CA, businesses.

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The Installation Using a Crane

Advantages of These Signs

  • Ideal for daytime displays. If your business operates chiefly during standard daytime hours, this signage is clearly visible to all visitors without added illumination. At the height of 16 inches, the letters are easy to make out even from a little ways away. The increased size of the logo reinforces branding.
  • Dramatic at night (with illumination). Since dimensional letters cast gorgeous shadows, business owners frequently accessorize them with landscape or building illumination. Cleverly angled spotlights create a visually stunning play of light and shadows that makes for a perfect after-hours appearance.
  • Plenty of material choices. We can adapt the look of your exterior sign to suit the impression that your company seeks to make. There are wood letters for companies with a more earthy appeal. Financial agencies or legal service providers may choose metal for its durability but also for the sense of timeless stability that it symbolizes. Acrylic is a budget-friendly material that is very durable and comes in a rainbow of colors. When you are looking for just the right hue, this is the ideal selection.
  • Variety of thicknesses. Depending on your needs, we can manufacture your letters to be a thin as 0.25 inches or as thick as two inches.
Add Logos to Exterior Dimensional Letter Signs

The New Building Sign from a Distance

Building signs for City of Industry, CA, thought leaders must express their avant-garde attitude as well as their stability in the business. Dimensional letters accomplish both. Depending on the material that your company selects, you get at least five years of useful life out of the finished product. In sunny Southern California, this is particularly impressive because of the merciless rays of the sun to which building markers are continuously subjected.

At the same time, the materials we use for the letters are very lightweight. We can therefore hang these signs even on historic building exteriors without putting added stress on fragile facade materials. If you own a company in transition and anticipate a move in the next five years – or a serious renovation that might even change the access setup of the building – we can easily relocate the lettering to another wall for display.

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