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Outstanding Logo Lobby Sign For Reliance Real Estate in Fullerton CA!

 Jul 29, 2015

Located at 2226 North State College Boulevard, the property specialists at Reliance Real Estate Services combine consistent customer service practices with advanced technology to provide you with a marketing solution that works. Since this is a new residential real estate company that wanted to outfit the office with one of our lobby signs for realtors in Fullerton, CA, they contacted the signage experts at Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

Gatorfoam Creates Impressive Logo Lobby Signs

Foam lobby signs Fullerton CA

Foam is a great choice for lobby signs!

Going big is best done with the help of sign foam. Although this material sounds deceptively flimsy, it is actually tough as nails. We used black gatorfoam that we cut to resemble the company’s logo. Two stylized Rs turn to each other to create the shape of a house. Adding pizzazz to the piece, we laminated the foam with brushed metal. At a height of five feet, this sign has an amazing wow factor. It does a great job at branding and marketing Reliance Real Estate Services.

Using Foam for Your Signage Needs

Foam is the type of material that invites you to let your imagination take over. Do you want an impressive tall sign? Five feet are no problem. Do you want a stunning three-dimensional effect? Foam makes it possible with depths that exceed two inches. Properly painted and then lit with a dedicated spotlight, the combination of lit and shadowed areas is breathtaking. When your lobby sign needs intricate texturing and a collection of numerous style elements, it is feasible to use a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay to make the reception area marker into a carbon copy of your website’s logo.

Foam lobby signs Orange County

Foam also offers that 3D effect!

Beyond the Lobby Sign

Foam is an ideal product for other office signs, too. Use it for wayfinding signage and to create lettering that spells out a company’s motto or mission statement. Cut in the shape of your company’s logo, it beautifies the walls of a conference or training room. Outdoor-rated foam is ideal for building signage and decorative touches on your façade.

Other Lobby Signage Materials and Options

Of course, you do not have to stick with foam. Lobby signs for real estate agencies in Fullerton, CA, can be manufactured from acrylic boards or lettering, metal lettering or PVC. Combining multiple materials enhances the overall appearance of the signage and gives it an artistic, avant-garde, sophisticated or minimalist appearance. This allows you to tailor the sign’s overall look to the atmosphere of your office.

Foam Lobby Signs Buena Park CA

Ask us about foam logo lobby signs!

Some business clients have chosen to use wall graphics for their lobby identification signs. Others incorporated their logo and lettering into wall murals. Doing so creates a focal wall that tells the story of your company and generates interest in and eventually buy-in from consumers. The latter makes the work of your sales team markedly easier. It also provides a great conversation piece that allows clients to feel more at ease in your office.

When you are ready to commission your lobby signage today, call our professionals. We work with you to discover the right look that expertly brands your location and fits in well with the interior décor of the space.

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