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CJ Plumbing Promotes Hydro Jetting Services With Ford Van Graphics!

 Aug 02, 2015

Hydro jet cleaning is the art and science CJ Plumbing relies on when sending high-pressure water streams through drainage systems and sewer pipes. This drain-cleaning solution is a favorite of commercial customers since it emulsifies grease, cleans long pipes and does not call for the use of chemicals emitting noxious fumes. Homeowners, too, like this environmentally safe drain line cleaning option. To ensure that customers know about the availability of hydro jetting, the company’s management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for the design and application of contractor van graphics.

Van graphics for plumbing contractors in Orange County

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Promotional Van Graphics in Orange County

CJ Plumbing uses a 2010 Ford Van to get to job sites. Initially, the company considered doing a wrap or at least some graphics or lettering. Our technicians inspected the van’s paint job and found that it was in excellent shape. We suggested that it would be possible to save the company some money simply by adding decals and lettering as well as a couple of aluminum composite signs for the jetting trailer. In addition, our graphic artists helped with fine-tuning the logo design.

Combining this graphic with the hydro jet hose images as well as the lettering now does the trick. The lettering is in red and blue while the jet hose underlines the name and logo. A website address and phone number round out the information on the van’s sides. The doors provide niche information that encourages residential as well as commercial customers to contact the company. The back of the van repeats the information. The repetition of the name, logo and hydro jetting graphic allows consumers to build name recognition and develop brand awareness.

Contractor vehicle graphics Orange County

If your van is in good shape, vehicle graphics are the way to go!

Why Contractor Work Van or Truck Graphics Matter

Remember that you are your own best advertising when you visit a jobsite. Whether you are a plumber who quickly helps a customer to once again enjoy running water, a roofer who puts on a beautiful new roof or a solar panel installer who helps customers save money while preserving a home’s curb appeal, your work speaks for itself. Yet neighbors will not know whom to credit with the excellent workmanship they see when your work vehicle does not mention your name and logo.

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In addition, pulling up in a treated work vehicle helps with marketing when you use secondary signage products such as contractor yard signs. Moreover, a treated vehicle appeals to your target demographic. When you drive in areas where these potential customers work, live or play, you reinforce the messages sent by your direct mail campaigns and newspaper ads. Last, but not least, you do not allow other contractors to have the advantage of displaying their marketing messages while your vehicle fails to do so.

Contractor work van graphics Orange County

Bright and noticeable!

Commissioning Your Graphics Package

When you are ready to add contractor work van graphics for Orange County and Los Angeles County area businesses, contact our graphic artists. We work with you to create a look that identifies your line of work, points out a specialty service or product, and assists with turning your company’s name into a household name.

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