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Your Choices For Orange County Lobby Signs Are Endless

 Dec 16, 2014
Choices for Orange County Lobby Signs

The choices for lobby signs are endless!


Among the most individualized interior signage solutions for all types of companies are the lobby signs. Orange County business owners understand that there is no other marker that is as powerful at branding and marketing as this one. If you are shopping around for a new sign, perhaps your company’s very first one or are thinking about refurbishing an existing marker, do you know what your options are?

The Many Choices for Orange County Lobby Signs

Let’s dive right in and look at some popular materials for these indoor signs!

Aluminum and metal lobby signs Orange County

Aluminum and other metals make for great reception markers


Acrylic Signs

Mounted to the wall with stand offs, these markers look sleek, modern and are ideal for companies that pay close attention to being on the cutting edge. Whether they are thought leaders in their niche or avant-garde businesses to begin with, it is impossible to go wrong with these signs.

Foam Letters

When you desire depth in your display, foam letters are the right answer. Business clients like the way that these letters look when painted in colors that either complement or contrast the wall paint. In addition, it is possible to add brushed metal or acrylic faces to the foam. This saves you money on the material and allows the marker to nevertheless take on a highly sophisticated look.

Foam Letter lobby signs Orange County

Foam is also a great choice for lobby signs

PVC Lettering

Interior dimensional letters may be die-cut for precision or molded for a more rounded appearance. The material itself is sturdy and perfectly holds the color. These signs look stylish and contemporary, which makes them suitable for a wide variety of businesses.

How We Can Help

Ideas for lobby signs Orange County entrepreneurs simply cannot do without also include color selections, texturing and mounting methods. Aluminum standoffs are a classic method that looks great on acrylics and PVC lettering. For foam markers, different installation methods have shown excellent results as well. At Superior Signs and Graphics, we understand that these choices are important ones and should only be undertaken with plenty of professional input.

Acrylic panel lobby signs Orange County

Acrylic panels another popular choice

For this reason, we offer our business clients an initial site evaluation. This helps our professionals to get a good feel for the branding you are accomplishing in your office or storefront. Moreover, it allows us to take in the colors and textures that make up the look of your interior. Finally, we learn more about your business and its vision for the future. This gives us the information we need to craft a marker that meets all of these expectations and communicates your vision to the clients or customers who visit your location.

For example, did you know that some companies have succeeded in branding their lobbies with little more than a logo? Others display a full company name but also add a tag line. Still others have added framed poster prints to brand while a lobby marker displays the name of the company in its customary colors. The possibilities truly are endless. So, go ahead; call our professionals today and get your order started. Even if you already have a lobby sign but are not sure that it properly represents you and what your company stands for, give us a call to see if it can be salvaged.

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Types of Lobby Signs for Orange County

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