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New Graphics for Anaheim Pylon Sign Give it a Face Lift!

 Aug 18, 2017

New Pylon Sign Graphics | Anaheim CA

Long-time readers of our City Scoop page and company blog will recognize the Clausen Enterprises name. In the past, we worked with the firm to put together commercial real estate “for lease” signs in Orange County, related window graphics for shopping centers, and anti-graffiti signs for properties. When the company’s management team contacted us this time around, it needed new graphics for pylon signs in Anaheim, CA.

Outdated Graphics Contradict a Brand Message

The company does business in a commercial center at the Lincoln & Dale Plaza. The venue underwent an extensive renovation that modernized the look and feel of the location. As a result, the somewhat cartoon-like graphics that identified the locale no longer highlighted the brand.

New Pylon Sign Facing Anaheim CA

Our aerial bucket van came in handy as we took down the old sign!

We met with the business client and put together a new design that would fit right in and make it easy for prospective customers to recognize the venue. Because this was a complete overhaul of the existing pylon facing, we installed new acrylic faces that we treated with printed translucent vinyl overlays. They give the sign a chic appearance that now fits in perfectly with the area’s new look.

Typical Reasons for a Sign Upgrade

In the case of Clausen Enterprises, the sign needed to undergo an update in keeping with the renovations that the surrounding area underwent. These were not merely cosmetic touch-ups but from-the-ground-up changes. Because they altered the overall character of the locale, the sign identifying the address had to fall in step with the new appearance.

Install new pylon sign facings in Anaheim CA

Installing the new sign facing

Maybe your business recently undertook a re-branding effort. Doing so typically involves the modification of a font, graphic, or color. When you make these types of changes, you cannot afford to keep outdated signs in place. Another reason for a change may be a merger or a change of direction that your business is making. Sometimes, companies start out in one niche and gradually move into another one. To make the switch official, they change the signage associated with their initial business ventures.

Pylon signs usually consist of lightbox cabinets on poles. Changing out the messages is as easy – and inexpensive – as putting up new facings. By switching out aging acrylic or polycarbonate with new sheets, you also get a head start on your sign maintenance. While we are there, our sign experts will test your LEDs to ensure that everything is in excellent working condition.

Do You Need New Graphics for Pylon Signs in Anaheim, CA?

New Graphics for Pylon Signs in Anaheim CA

Do you need new graphics for your pylon sign?

Pylons are among the longer-lasting signage products you have on your property. They rival monument signs in their effectiveness of communicating with motorists. By displaying your message on one of these tall signs, you easily stand out above the competition’s signage products that might be lower to the ground. Of course, maintaining an accurate brand identity is elemental to successfully using these markers. For this reason, it makes sense to upgrade graphics, color schemes, and even fonts every so often.

If you are right now looking up at the pylon sign in front of your business and wonder if it is doing your company justice, call us. We gladly come out for a sign survey.

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