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Eye Catching Window Graphics Help Fullerton Martial Arts Studio Stand Out from the Competition!

 Aug 14, 2017

Perforated Vinyl Window Graphics | Fullerton CA | Martial Arts Studio

You find Black Belt Kids at 1603 West Commonwealth Avenue in Fullerton. As this martial arts studio readies itself for a grand opening celebration later this month, it ran into a problem: signage space. It is subletting the venue from another company that does not allocate space for any exterior signs. As you know, building signs bring in new customers and help existing ones to find you. What could this business do? Easy! Call us and talk about the design and installation of window graphics for its Fullerton martial arts studio.

Putting Together Window Graphics that Speak Volumes

Vinyl Window Graphics | Martial Arts Studios | Fullerton CA

Use your storefront windows to promote your brand!

We visited the location and took measurements of the glass panels. There were six tall and wide panes. The facility already had some artwork that our graphic artists could adapt for floor-to-ceiling length perforated vinyl. We suggested the use of the perforated material to allow clients on the inside to look out, which opens up the space visually. Customers on the outside see images of kids participating in martial arts training. They see the company’s name, logo, contact information, and website address.

Set against an off-white background, the corporate color palette is an integral portion of the brand message. We also treated the entrance door with the same setup. While this business may not have space for a building sign, it now has a venue with a sign that is larger than what most other neighbors display. Finding the location for newcomers to the school is now a snap.

What to do When Signage is Tricky

Perforated Vinyl Door Graphics Fullerton CA

Don’t forget your entry doors!

There are various reasons why you might have a difficult time putting up signage. In some cases, the zoning department does not allow for the types of markers you prefer. In other situations, a lease agreement makes it impossible to put up the displays you would like. Even so, there are plenty of options still open to you.

  • Window graphics. Take a page from the playbook of Black Belt Kids, and let your windows do the talking. Turning a disadvantage into an advantage has never been easier.
  • Pylon signage. When you can put up a pylon, we can create an eye-catching lightbox cabinet that identifies your location, business, and marketing message. Combine this setup with window graphics or perforated vinyl window stickers for your business vehicle, which you keep parked near the entrance. In fact, having a wrapped car parked in front of your company is always a great way to catch the eyes of passersby.
  • Lawn signs. We place these in front of your business, in the median, and even in flower pots! Combined with an A-frame display, you quickly catch the eyes of motorists and passersby alike. Another option is the use of floor graphics that lead from the outside to the inside.

Do You Need Window Graphics for a Fullerton Martial Arts Studio, Bakery, Service Business, or Any Other Commercial Setting?

Window Wraps Fullerton CA | Martial Arts Studios

Window wraps highly noticed by passersby!

Sometimes, building signs are tougher to put together than you might imagine. When you have tall windows but the zoning department will not allow for roof signage, relying on the glass panels to become your advertising and marketing messages makes sense. In other situations, creative solutions might include pylons or even floor graphics. Call us today to find out what we can do for your signage needs!

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