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Anti-graffiti For Lease Signs Help Property Managers in Orange County Combat Graffiti and Lease Vacant Units Faster!

 Jul 28, 2016

The LAPD warns that gang graffiti is a dangerous form of street art. Used to mark gang territories, the lines and lettering that do not mean much to most folks can actually put them in danger. When living or doing business in a marked area, it is possible to become a victim of rival gang violence. U.S. News equates the presence of graffiti with a neighborhood where “nefarious activities” could be ongoing. Unfortunately, for property management companies, “For Lease” and “For Sale” signs are frequent targets of taggers.

Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing Anti-Graffiti “For Lease” Signs for Property Managers in Orange County, CA

Anti-Graffiti For Lease Signs in Orange County CA

Lease properties faster with anti-graffiti signs!

When Clausen Enterprises in Anaheim needed “For Lease” signs for a local shopping center it manages, the company’s representative was at first skeptical about the efficacy of our anti-graffiti coating. Willing to try it, we did a test sign. Sure enough, the surface protection worked perfectly. The orange and white front of the sign is perfectly preserved, and there are no unsightly scribbles or spray paint marks anywhere on the marker. In fact, it looks as pristine as it did when it left our shop.

With the proof being the best salesperson, the company ordered another six signs featuring the Vandalguard anti-graffiti coating. These markers now display in centers the company oversees, many of which are in high-graffiti areas. In the past, property managers would have to keep replacing or painting over signs that were tagged. Now, all it takes is a bit of cleaning solution and some elbow grease to make the signage look like new. The savings on new signs quickly add up to thousands of dollars.

Graffiti: Become Part of the Solution

Commercial property anti-graffiti for lease signs in Orange County CA

Our anti-graffiti laminate battles graffiti!

In addition to being bad for business, having defaced signs is also bad for the community. By allowing your signs to become billboards for potentially illegal activities, the neighborhood continues to deteriorate. But when you take your signage out of the equation, you curtail the destruction of private property. As more and more management companies switch over to graffiti-proof signage, they save money while making their properties stand out as being free and clear of unsightly scribbles.

For the prospective tenant, this presentation sends a strong message.

For Lease Anti-Graffit Signs in Orange County CA

Keep your “For Lease” signs looking brand new!

  • Zero tolerance policy. A management company that does not compromise on the look of its signage is likely just as proactive and responsive with other tasks pertaining to the property’s upkeep.
  • Understanding of curb appeal. A tenant’s concern for curb appeal has less to do with property values and more with the feelings of safety and security that customers experience when doing business in the area. For the consumer who notices that one set of storefronts is free of graffiti-smeared signs, it makes sense to do business there.
  • Commitment to safety. Paying attention to details like signage goes a long way toward establishing a reputation for being conscientious about safety features such as lighting, too.

If you are thinking of trying out anti-graffiti “For Lease” signs for property managers in Orange County, CA, or in neighboring L.A. County, contact our sign specialists for assistance.

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