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Mission, Vision, and Values Lobby Signs for Los Angeles Tech Company set the Tone for Their Business!

 May 15, 2017
Corporate Mission Statement Wall Signs Los Angeles County

Adding your vision, mission and values to your lobby does impress!

Do you remember the lobby and door signs we did for the T2 Tech Group? This business’ management team decided to present and reinforce name recognition with an identical signage setup for both locations. Combined with the two tones of blue that communicate the corporate color palette, the branding presentation popped.

Vision Statement Signs for Lobbies in LA County CA

Let clients know what you are all about!

Our client contacted us again just recently to commission additional signage solutions. The team requested something that would further boost its brand message: mission, vision, and value statement wall signs in Los Angeles County, CA. These types of products succeed in spelling out what makes a company different from its competitors.

Clean Lines Impress

There are countless ways of communicating these messages. Our client chose an approach that is ideally suited for an IT consulting firm. We started with three acrylic panels that we prepared for mounting with brushed aluminum standoffs. Each panel features a different message. We sized the products to reflect the height and width of the messages. At the same time, we ensured that each board had a three-inch margin all the way around to create clean lines.

Corporate Value Statement Signs for Lobbies in Los Angeles County

Attractive, durable and easy to read!

The print reflects the corporate color palette once again. In so doing, it matches the displays of the door and lobby signs. By installing them in the seating area where visiting clients cannot help but notice the products, they make an excellent impression and boost the brand. This setup results in a clever one-two marketing and branding punch that begins with the suite sign and continues via the lobby marker. While we were there, we also created some door signs that label rooms throughout the office.

Why Mission and Vision Statements Matter

How many customers or clients read your glossy brochures? Typically, the ones who are already committed to the business relationship will. But that leaves a group of others who are not. Address these consumers with a reiteration of your brand message that explains why doing business with you – as opposed to a competitor – makes sense.

3D Logo Lobby Signs for Corporate Offices in Los Angeles County

Add a 3D Logo lobby sign for brand and name recognition!

Featuring these messages is a snap, and there are several methods of presenting them.

  • Wall graphics and lettering. Long hallways, in particular, work well for this presentation type. Select vignettes of your corporate history and feature them as stand-alone images. Add lettering that presents a different facet of your brand. Span as much time as you like.
  • Imprinted acrylic panel wall art. Another option is the use of larger acrylic panels that we imprint directly with colorful images of satellite offices or employees performing tasks. One or two-word messages brand the graphics. These products are suitable for office wall art.
  • Mural presentations. For a full-wall presentation that might take up an entire wall, consider a mural that combines multiple images and messages. We can add lettering to the mix or let the graphics speak for themselves. Typically, this is an excellent option for a company that has a history of decades during which the brand message became more and more defined.

Do You Need Office Signage that Brands?

Suite and Room ID plaques for businesses in LA County

Room ID signs guide clients and employees!

Whether you need lobby logo signs in Los Angeles County, CA, or want to underscore your brand message with mission and vision statements, we can help. Discuss your plans with our graphic artists. We help you choose a presentation method that highlights your corporate identity and communicates clearly what your business is all about.

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