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Businesses That Are Relocating to Orange County Need the Help of a Great Sign Company!

 May 10, 2017

Now located at 17025 Kingsview Avenue in Carson, Deluxe Import Trading is the area’s Chamber-approved elite wholesaler of more than 5,000 products. Working with a wide variety of businesses, this company is an integral part of these stores’ supply chains. Deluxe Import Trading’s management team contacted our signage professionals to discuss the must-have signs for relocating to Orange County, CA.

Saving Money with an Acrylic Panel Replacement

Relocation Signs in Orange County CA: Building Signs

Commercial building sign inserts great for relocating businesses!

The building that the company moved into already had an acrylic panel and frame setup on its façade. Saving money was a snap! All the business needed was a new acrylic panel that featured its logo and name. Our business sign experts sized the acrylic panel and handled the printing. Next, we went to the location to install the product. It now provides an eye-catching building sign that assists with branding and wayfinding.

Adding a Lobby Sign to the Reception Area

Lobby signs for businesses relocating to Orange County CA

We can also help with a new lobby sign!

The client asked us to create a lobby sign that would take its cues from the building marker. We took the dimensions of the company’s name and logo presentation, translated them into dimensional letters as well as a symbol display, and manufactured them using half-inch-thick PVC. Our technicians painted the material to be a perfect color match with the corporate palette.

PVC is the ideal material for indoor use; it is a budget-friendly product that looks great and lasts for a long time. Now, Deluxe Import Trading welcomes its customers with a signage one-two punch that has a significant impact on name recognition, brand building, and product knowledge enhancement.

Expanding on the Signage Setup

Office signs for businesses relocating to Orange County CA

In fact, when relocating, we can help with all your office signage!

Would it be possible to expand on this type of sign setup? You bet! Although each business’ needs differ from those of another company – even if it is next door – some standard markers work for the majority of enterprises.

  • Monument signs. Monuments install near the entrances to your parking lot. These signs repeat your brand message, provide your corporate name and color setup, and entice passersby to stop in for a closer look at your products.
  • ADA signage. The law mandates that there are certain areas, which must showcase signs in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our experts understand the regulations and ensure that we combine your corporate persona with the installation and design requirements.
  • Banners. Vinyl banners make excellent introductory signs that alert consumers to the presence of an incoming business. Display your name, logo, niche information, and do not forget to highlight when you will open your doors to the public.

Do You Need Business Relocation Signs in Orange County, CA?

Relocation Signs in Orange County CA

Do you need relocation signs?

Moving a company from one city to the next is a time-consuming undertaking. You will have your hands full with logistics, IT issues and directing the movers. Let us handle the signage for your new facility. We ensure that the exterior and interior signs are in place when you are ready to celebrate your grand opening. What is more, we also uninstall signage at your old location if your lease stipulates that you need to do so.

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