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Leasing Office Signs in Tustin CA Help Reel in Tenants!

 May 28, 2014
Leasing Office Signs Orange County

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Located at 2522 Chambers Road #110 in Tustin, the Irvine Ranch Executive Suites offers standard rentals and short-term leasing as well as conference facilities for business functions. When it came time to add the type of leasing office signs for Tustin, CA, that would impress prospective tenants and business event organizers, the management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics.

We discussed the venue’s signage needs with the management team. As a result, we manufactured a number of attractive property markers. There are five two-sided post and panel signs that provide information to consumers who are walking up to the property from either direction. One single-sided marker facilitates wayfinding functions in the parking lot. The material that we chose is MaxMetal, which is an aluminum composite with a luster laminate.

Orange County Leasing Office Signs

Great for navigating large complexes!

At the parking lot entrance, these markers now greet visitors and provide easy-to-jot-down property and contact information. For business event planners who are driving past prospective properties, this makes getting in touch quick and simple. The directional signs that point to the leasing office welcome the visitors who are ready to talk to the agent on duty about the facilities. From the courtyard, too, you can see a leasing office directional marker. To reserve the use of the parking lot for guests and tenants, some of the signs remark on the prohibition of others to park in the lot.

Do you own a property and wonder how to make it stand out? We can help with executive leasing office signs for Orange County properties and for those in adjacent Los Angeles County as well.

Graffiti free leasing office signs Orange County

Ask us about making signs graffiti free!

  • Architectural lettering. Choose this option when your property has a well known name by which it is sometimes referred to. Adding this personal touch to your building is a tried and true means of helping prospective tenants to remember their favorite properties.
  • Wall signs. Advertise the presence of your leasing office as well as all the contact information via a wall sign. The advantage of a building-attached sign rests in its height placement. Visitors can see it from a vehicle and only need to stop to write down the information, key it into a phone or take a picture with a smart phone for later use.
  • Sidewalk signs. These markers are for occasional use when an offsite leasing agent is indeed spending time at a property. Use these sidewalk signs to indicate the location of the leasing office. Since these markers also assist with management company branding, they help build your name recognition among would-be tenants in search of residential or commercial space in the area.
  • Graffiti-proof markers. If you have problems with graffiti in the area where your leasing office is located, consider the use of post and panel signs that are treated to repel the long-lasting damage done by graffiti. Whether it is done with a spray paint can or with permanent marker, the treatment of the sign surface lets you wipe it off and showcase your property as being well cared for.
Anti graffiti real estate signs Orange County

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When you are ready to increase the curb appeal of your property with attractive signage, our professionals can help. Call us today!

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