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Sun Hing Foods Takes Advantage of Anti-Graffiti Sign in Orange County

 Mar 31, 2014
Graffiti free signs in Orange County

Stop graffiti in its tracks!

Sun Hing Foods is an ethnic food wholesaler with multiple locations in the United States and Canada. When the company needed signage for their City of Industry location, the management contacted Superior Signs and Graphics. The particular sign the company wanted to add to its property would go onto the fence that spans the perimeter of the land. Since the building sits recessed from the street, this sign assists visitors and buyers to find the entrance to the venue.

Graffiti was a concern that Sun Hing Foods’ management expressed when discussing their signage need with our representatives. We worked up some sketches, and the company chose a 4×8’ aluminum composite sign with an anti-graffiti coating. Anti-graffiti signs in Orange County are actually becoming more commonplace now. Fed up with the time and money spent replacing painted over signs, business owners have asked for help. New marker technology allows for the addition of a coating that is impossible to detect with the naked eye.

When a hoodlum targets the company sign during a night of tagging, the coating prevents the spray paint – or other types of smear – from penetrating permanently into the signage material. Cleanup is as easy as a rub down with a soft cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol or sign cleaners formulated for this purpose. Returning the sign to its prior good looks is quick. Taking fewer than five minutes to remove the offensive spray paint, you will never be able to tell that your business was targeted.

Authorities agree that the prompt removal of graffiti is instrumental in curtailing the further tagging of a neighborhood. It also prevents a particular business from being repeatedly targeted by rivaling gangs of taggers who are trying to leave their marks by painting over the destructive “artwork” left behind by other taggers. Moreover, seeing a tagged sign returned to its former pristine good looks is a frustrating experience for the so-called street artist who likes to show off his handiwork.

With the incentive of future tagging greatly diminished by the proactive business owner, there is a good chance that the sign will no longer become the object of spray paint attacks. This type of signage technology is suitable for anyone who requires a sign, especially Realtors. Whether you run a school, own a business, are responsible for putting up a marker for your faith community or volunteer organization, or simply need to put together the signage for a construction site, when you select anti-graffiti signs for your Orange County location, you are in good company.

Designing the signs is a process that is almost identical to any other signage order. We work with your company to determine what type of marker you are looking to put up. Show us your artwork, the logo you would like us to add, the typeface that you commonly use on your letterhead and any decals that you would like to see incorporated on your signage. We create some sketches that let you see what a finished marker would look like. After you approve the final design, we set to work on manufacturing your anti-graffiti marker by using special sign materials as well as coating.

Who knew that it could be this simple to deter hoodlums from defacing your business property? Contact us today for a free quote on graffiti-free signs!

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