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Stand Out with Vendor and Street Fair Booth Graphics for Orange County!

 May 26, 2014
Vendor and street fair graphics Orange County

Tents, banners, graphics and more!

The Muckenthaler Cultural Center is an institution of great renown among street fair and bazaar organizers. Located at 1201 West Malvern Avenue in Fullerton, the venue hosts jazz festivals, car shows, arts exhibits and summer camps for kids. Of course, one of our hands-down favorites is the car festival. If this is one of your favorite local events at which to highlight your products or services as well, let the friendly signage professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics help you with vendor and street fair booth graphics for Orange County venues and beyond.

Let’s start with the easy-up

Who says that you have to use a non-descript easy-up when you set up your display at an Orange County street fair? When you customize the look of the cover to be in harmony with your logo colors and then have us imprint the material all around with your company’s name and logo, you are branding and supporting name awareness while you are staying out of the sun.

Trade show graphics and displays Orange County

Eye-appealing graphics get noticed!

Add banners and flags

Nothing catches the eye more successfully than a banner or flag that is moving in the breeze. It does not have to be real tall to accomplish its goal. The trick here is to once again use your logo colors for branding and select enough material to allow for some fluttering in the wind. Usually, you can get away with just having one or two flags for best results.

Impress with a customized backdrop

You want your best graphics to be at the back of the booth. This is where the consumer’s eye naturally goes next after having taken in the easy up and the flag or banner. Choose your colors wisely. Make your fonts stand out with bold colors that actually play off the hues you chose for the easy up. The goal for the contrast is the visual differentiations between foreground and background. The change in colors and look draws in the eye and makes your booth display irresistible.

Close the deal with banner stands

Toward the middle ground of the street fair booth setup, place your banner stands. Although you might in the past have considered symmetry something to be achieved at all costs, remember that message display space is at a premium. Choose a banner stand that details your products or services, have it display your company name and logo, and do not forget to use your logo colors in the process. For the other side, you may choose to have a condensed version of this banner display with a very real sample of your goods or service results. This hits home the message that the imprinted material is trying to convey.

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Do you feel inspired to register your vendor attendance at the next street fair? Go for it! When you contact our friendly signage professionals, we can get you set up with a great combination of display products that are sure to make your advertising materials pop. Just be sure to bring plenty of brochures and businesses cards – you are going to need them!

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