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Lavish Vodka Cocktails Brands With Vehicle Graphics in Anaheim CA!

 Jul 03, 2014
Vehicle graphics for Orange County

Great graphics on this PT Cruiser!

Drink Lavish is an international company that is taking the United States by storm. Its niche drinks are a hit at the Mandalay Bay as well as the Orleans Arena. When it came time to advertise Lavish Vodka Cocktails to an Anaheim audience, the company’s management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance. Since the company initially launched its product line in the Netherlands and already has a sizable European presence, it was decided to maximize local California advertising with the help of Lavish’s PT Cruiser.

Vehicle graphics for Anaheim, CA, businesses are a surefire way of quickly spreading the word about a new company, product or service. Acting as movable billboards, these graphics appeal to the consumer because of the unique nature of their displays. In addition, when you consider that the average window perf in Anaheim, CA, is displayed to its target demographic rather than random shoppers, it makes sense that only automotive ad space will do when speed is of the essence in any marketing campaign.

PT Cruiser vehicle graphics Orange County

A great way to build a brand!

The PT Cruiser we worked with displays a distinguished silver color. It now features die-cut vinyl graphics and multiple window perforations. We used the base silver paint and continued that color as the background for the window perforation. This gives the car the look of a wrap at the price of a decal job. Next, we laminated the window perf with optically clear laminate – as we always do – to protect the print from sun damage. This treatment also allows the folks from Lavish to wash the car with strong cleaners and still keep the perf down on the window, thereby making it last twice as long as products without the laminate.

Look closely, and you will notice that we used cast vinyl to ensure that the lettering with the large “L” in the logo could make it over the door handles. This design step was the only way to get the logo lettering large enough for good visibility since Lavish uses a very distinct font that can be difficult to read from farther away. Anaheim residents now see this noticeable vehicle advertise the niche drinks that have made such a splash in European countries already.

Are you ready to introduce a new product or service to American consumers? More and more companies with successful foreign product lines are finding that entering the American markets takes a concerted online and offline campaign to generate interest and turn a product moniker into a household name. While social media campaigning is a must, vehicle graphics are the missing pieces to the puzzle that could very well make the difference between turning the product into a sought-after commodity or just letting the online excitement fizzle out.

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Even the rear of the “Cruiser” gets attention!

When you have our knowledgeable vehicle graphics experts treat your car, truck or van, you have the rare opportunity of seeking out your target demographic at home, work or during leisure activities. Spread the word about a new service by targeting a neighborhood with print ads and by becoming a visible fixture in the area simply by driving through the streets. Talk to our experts at our new division SuperiorCarWraps.com for more information!

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