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Most Commonly Asked Car Wrap Questions in Orange County

 Jul 01, 2014
Most commonly asked car wraps questions

Your car wraps questions answered!

Orange County entrepreneurs are taking a renewed interest in the art and science that is combined when marketing with vehicle wraps. After posing questions to the knowledgeable experts at Superior Signs and Graphics, we decided to let the friendly folks from our subsidiary –  SuperiorCarWraps.com – handle the most commonly asked car wraps questions in Orange County.

Q: Will the wrap damage my car’s paint job?

A: No, on the contrary. A professionally installed vehicle wrap from SuperiorCarWraps.com actually helps to protect your paint from UV rays and other damages caused by the elements.

Q: How long does the wrap last?

A: We use only top quality vinyls from Avery and 3M. These materials are guaranteed for up to nine years if maintained properly.

SuperiorCarWraps.com in Orange County

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Q: Do you offer a warranty on a wrap?

A: Yes, we do. We warrant our professional installations for 120 days. If there were any errors or mistakes, they will become glaringly obvious by then. Manufacturer warranties apply to the vinyl itself. For example, 3M offers different warranties for its various materials as long as they have been professionally installed.

Q: Does the vinyl come right off when I want to have it removed?

A: If you decide in the first three years to remove the wrap, it comes off without a problem. If you wait until more than three years have elapsed, there may be some adhesive residue that we then remove separately.

Q: How long do I have to wait for my vehicle wrap to be installed?

A: Once you approve the final design, it takes about two days to fully wrap a car. One day is devoted to preparation and vinyl printing. The second day is taken up by the actual installation process.

Q: I was in a car accident; can you fix my wrap?

A: Yes, we can! Since we keep your artwork on file, we can reproduce the damaged section. Once your mechanic has fixed the car, bring it on over for us to fix the damaged wrap, too.

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Q: I had my car painted; how soon can you install a wrap?

A: Please wait at least a week – preferably a month – before bringing your car to us for a wrap. The paint needs to fully cure for best results.

Q: I heard that I can change my car’s color with a wrap rather than getting a paint job; is this true?

A: Yes, it is! Color change wraps are getting more popular and achieve the same results as your standard paint job. Just make sure that your current paint job is in decent shape before asking us to apply the change wrap.

Q: I have some artwork I want to include in the wrap; which file formats to you accept?

A: Please send your artwork in .eps, .ai, .png or high-resolution PDF files.

Q: Can I see the wrap design before I pay you?

A: Sure! We usually ask for a 50 percent deposit on all orders, but if you want to see the computer work before committing to the project, we gladly accept $300 and then produce the wrap after the remainder of the deposit is paid.

Q: Do I really need a wrap? Wouldn’t some decals be just as useful?

A: Your wrap will cover the whole vehicle. Decals are die-cut pieces of vinyl that we apply directly to the paint of the car. When the base color of the car works well with your logo and color of the artwork, it can be a money-saving alternative.

Vehicle wraps FAQs for Orange County

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Q: Do you do partial wraps?

A: Yes, we do. A partial wrap usually does not include the hood and roof. We will take extra care to ensure that the partial wrap colors match the hue of your vehicle’s paint.

Q: I heard that there are cast and calendered vinyl. What is the difference?

A: Cast vinyl is the Cadillac of materials and beautifully conforms to the curves of your car, truck or van. Calendered vinyl is the workhorse of the industry. It is thicker and a bit more unwieldy. While cast vinyl is perfect for wraps, calendered vinyl is excellent for decals and lettering.

Q: You convinced me. How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

A: Great! Please bring in your vehicle for an estimate. The cost of wraps and decals depends in large part on the amount of vinyl that we need to use, which in turn is determined by the make and model of your car, truck or van. If you do not have a print-ready design, there may be additional charges.

If these car wrap FAQs for Orange County business owners have not answered all of your questions, please call us! We will gladly talk to you about any questions or comments you have.

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