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Inspire Officers With Police Department Vinyl Wall Graphics!

 Jul 26, 2015

Law enforcement officials have one of the toughest jobs you can hold. Tasked with maintaining order, providing exemplary community relations and protecting members of the community with physical force – when necessary – is not easy on the best of days. Meticulous training ensures that police department rookies as well as seasoned professionals hone their skills and stay on top of their game. Wall graphics are frequently one component of inspiring these officers to excel. Case in point is the Anaheim Police Department.

Wall Graphics Set the Tone for Training

Wall graphics for police departments in Orange County

Wall graphics inspire!

When the Anaheim Police Department wanted to upgrade the look of its training room where combat and suspect submission instruction took place, its management team contacted the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics. We worked with the department to develop a signage setup that perfectly fits into the facility. We started with a digitized graphic of and officer’s arm patch and worked it into a decal.

Combining this graphic with one that says “Anaheim Police Department Arrest & Control Defensive Tactics,” we placed these decals on either side of the focal wall. Tying together this look is a charcoal lettering display. It reads “Force Instruction” and uses 3M vinyl with a matte laminate to reduce the glare from the lights. This highly visible setup is visually attractive and sets the tone for the training that takes place at the facility. In this manner, vinyl wall graphics for police departments in Orange County serve the professionals who serve the public on a daily basis.

Other Uses for Vinyl Decals and Lettering in and around Law Enforcement Venues

Wall graphics installation Orange County CA

Installing these motivational wall graphics!

This is just one example of the use for wall graphics in this setting. When you remember that this is the type of product that is ideal for use on a broad range of wall surfaces, it makes sense to give it a close look for adding function and beauty to a variety of spaces.

  • Lobby. The lobby is frequently the first place that the public sees when visiting a police department. Making it welcoming is easy with the right mix of functional and reassuring wall graphics. Depictions of a lobby sign, arm patches and official decals support this experience.
  • Training areas. Classrooms for new recruits have the power to shape not just the mind of the future officer but also the attitude. Reinforcing the desired characteristics of the ideal officer with die cut lettering makes sense. The use of vinyl wall graphics allows for a display that is larger than printed posters.
  • Functional areas. Whether it is the locker, evidence or briefing room, you cannot go wrong with providing some wayfinding assistance as well as door labeling with lettering or decals. Make it easy for everyone to find his or her way around your room setup.
  • Venue beautification. Vinyl wall graphics for police departments in Orange County also look great on the exterior. Since this product adheres well even to walls with deep grout lines, use it to display images via whole-wall murals.
Vinyl wall lettering Orange County

Vinyl letters longer-lasting than painted letters!

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