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Vehicle Graphics Brand Work Truck for Canyon Concrete Cutting

 Jul 23, 2015

Serving the communities in and around the counties of Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino, Canyon Concrete Cutting & Construction Services handles a broad range of engineering and concrete work. In the past, this company used door magnets to advertise its services to consumers while on the road or on a job. Now, with the purchase of a new truck, the company wanted to try something that would have a greater impact. This is when the signage experts at Superior Signs and Graphics got the call.

Contractor Work Truck Graphics in Buena Park, CA

Contractor work truck graphics Buena Park CA

Adding graphics to an all white truck make a huge difference!

Due to the nature of the tools the contractors haul to the various job sites, the work truck features large side doors that allow for an organized truck inventory. After discussing the vehicle vinyl graphics with the company’s management team, it was decided that we would design, size and install them with the first two side doors of the truck in mind.

Whereas the old car magnets identified the company’s name and logo, the sizing of these graphics allows for the detail work of the design to pop while advertising the business’ niche and contact information. The orange and black graphics beautifully contrast against the white backdrop of the truck’s paint job, which makes them stand out and easily grab the eyes of onlookers. Whether Canyon Concrete Cutting now pulls up at a job site, parks for lunch in a grocery store parking lot or simply stops at a red light in traffic, the truck brands and markets!

Why Work Truck Branding Matters

Vehicle graphics for contractors in Buena Park CA

This nondescript contractor truck…

Forbes Magazine equates branding with making a promise. The combination of your logo and the style elements of your company’s name display create an impression that the consumer comes to associate with your business. When the prospective customer sees something that appeals to them, they are far more likely to do business with your company than with a competitor. Assuming that you excel in your niche, your brand now supports customer loyalty.

When a repeat customer looks for your number, they may not even search for your company name but just look for the business card with the logo or color. Translating this understanding to the branding message displayed on your company’s work truck, consider the impression your craftsmanship plus your workers’ demeanor make on the consumer. Add the logo and name display to the mix, and you have all the makings of an excellent branding experience.

What are Your Graphics Options?

Advertise with contractor truck graphics in Buena Park CA

…Now advertises 24/7!

Take a page from the playbook of Canyon Concrete Cutting and call us to install vehicle vinyl graphics and lettering. This is an excellent method of turning an otherwise bland work vehicle into a powerful mobile marketing solution. The next step up from there is the partial or full wrap. Although contractor vehicle graphics for Buena Park, CA, companies will get you plenty of attention, a wrap is even more successful at grabbing the eye and causing your name to become a household name in the area. Contact our experts today to get started on your order.

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