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Impactful Building Signs in Anaheim, CA Draw Customers In!

 Apr 11, 2022

Korean Community Services, known in the community by its initials KCS, is a returning client. Superior Signs and Graphics has handled many projects for KCS. One recent example is the set of backlit pylon sign panels at the organization’s Orangethorpe Avenue location. This time, the client needed us to help at the 451 West Lincoln Avenue location with 3D building signs in Anaheim, CA.

3D building signs in Anaheim CA

3D building signs in Anaheim CA

Upgrading an Existing Building Sign To Boost Wayfinding

Our shop fabricated a simple aluminum composite sign for this address several years ago. Now, the client wanted to upgrade the look by switching it out for three-dimensional lettering. The goal was to help patients find the location more easily and complete the logo change process that began a while ago.

Because our shop had kept the client’s specs on file, we could get to work right away. Our technicians took half-inch-thick PVC, cut them into the correct font shapes, and painted the products in the brand colors. We then stud-mounted the pieces to the building wall. The logo lettering is typically black, but we reversed it to display it in white for this project, which contrasts much better with the red brick of the facade.

building signs in Anaheim, CA

building signs in Anaheim, CA

In addition, our crew replaced the front aluminum composite sign with a larger one that now also displays the new logo. The finished products make the location of KCS easy to see even from a distance. Moreover, the updated brand message now succeeds in boosting the brand conversation.

Superior Signs and Graphics Helps Clients with Rebranding

Rebranding is the process of changing logos, fonts, or colors that identify your brand. In some cases, there are changes to all of these elements. Because it is essential that your signage reflects these changes, we recommend working with our specialists on designing new signage products.

Custom building signs in Anaheim, CA

Custom building signs in Anaheim, CA

In the process, we can redo building signs, vehicle wraps, A-frame inserts, suite signs, and window graphics. Other sets of must-have signage solutions are lobby signs and interior branding markers. We do not have to make changes to your ADA-compliant signage unless you currently display brand elements on them.

Should You Change Materials?

In the case of Korean Community Services, we updated the look from a singular aluminum composite sign to an updated board sign in addition to 3D building signs in Anaheim, CA. Sometimes, clients want to enhance their brand changes by also reflecting them in the material selection. For example, a company with an acrylic building sign could switch to a metal product. Or, as is the case here, we added a 3D letter sign to a building panel.

Find out What New Signage Options Could be the Right Choice for Your Business

Whether you rebranded, want to make some changes to the ways that consumers interact with your brand, or plan to upgrade the exterior signage, we can help. Work with our graphic artist to design the new look. Conversely, if you have done business with us before, we still have your color, font, and size preferences on hand. We can do so quickly when you just want to make minor changes.

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