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Huge 3D Building Signs Designed, Fabricated, Permitted, and Installed in City of Industry, CA!

 Sep 21, 2021

JUSDA is a logistics operation with 60 centers around the world. These add up to two million square meters of warehouse space. A while ago, our shop did custom signs for this business at a different location. After they opened the brand-new building on Baker Parkway, the management team invited us back to put together 3D building signs in City of Industry, CA.

Large Lettering Assists with Branding and Wayfinding

3D building signs in Industry CA

JUSDA typically uses a logo in black with yellow. However, considering the color of the façade, we recommended reversing it to white, which contrasts nicely with the backdrop. At the shop, we fabricated the logo using one-inch-thick PVC that our technicians painted white and in the custom yellow color.

3d building lettering in city of industry, ca

The office handled every aspect of the permitting process. When the style elements were ready, we rented a boom lift with an 86-foot reach to let us get around the roof outcropping. Our team used studs for a secure mount. Look closely, and you will notice that the largest letters are 50 inches tall!

Deviating from Typical Color Palettes

3D building letters in city of industry, ca

Typically, business clients like to follow the color palettes they use online. However, there are some occasions to choose a different color play.

  • Metal use. Clients who want metal for their three-dimensional building letters typically prefer to have the material show through. The good look of copper, bronze, or stainless steel has brand-building properties all of its own. In these cases, the metal bespeaks the qualities of the brand.
  • Color conflicts. Another reason to choose a different color is the look of the wall. If the colors are too similar or just do not look good together, it makes sense to change the hues of the signage. We typically suggest keeping at least one brand color when painting the style elements. It introduces your color branding and provides some connection to your online presence or the presentation of the sales collateral you send out.
  • Visibility. If your business is located toward the end of a business park or in an area with a lot of tree cover, consider giving up your usual color palette for a bright white. You might even choose to add a layer of reflective vinyl. It makes your business stand out visually from other companies around you.

We Custom-Make 3D Building Signs in City of Industry, CA

custom building signs in city of industry,ca

Each sign we put together is customized. There are no cookie-cutter products. Customization includes the material selection, font presentation, size consideration, and color palette. While your façade largely determines the best installation method, we frequently have some leeway to make adjustments. Examples include overhang installations, roof mounts, flush or standoff methods.

When you need a new sign for your business, we can work with the specs you already have. However, if you are unsure that they will look right, meet with our graphic artist. Besides that, we routinely conduct site surveys, which allow us to take measurements, gauge traffic speed, and base recommendations on the findings.

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