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Frosted Glass Graphics Provide Office Privacy with an Elegant Look in Orange County, CA!

 Jun 07, 2021

Did you know a 2 mil frosted vinyl product could change the ways that customers interact with your brand? In simplest terms, when our technicians customize frosted glass graphics in Orange County, CA, we use a sheet of vinyl that is somewhat transparent yet also slightly opaque.

Who Buys Frosted Vinyl Glass Graphics?

etched and frosted window graphics in anaheim ca

We work with churches, radio stations, banks, retailers, service providers, and a host of other companies. These businesses ask for customized products that may include elements of their brand message or geometric shapes. They work well for floor-to-ceiling windows, glass doors, and in-office glass dividers.

Choosing the Frosted Graphics for Your Location

frosted glass graphics in brea ca

  • Reverse-cut lettering. In this scenario, our team cuts something out of the frosted vinyl material. Many clients choose a logo or company name. However, you might also select a niche-specific image. This presentation looks great when the vinyl covers the middle third of the glass panels.
  • Frosted lettering. This design setup is the opposite of reverse-cut lettering. Rather than placing the long stripe of vinyl on your glass, we only install the piece that is cut out. It shows your corporate persona in an elegant frosted presentation that looks as if you had the artwork done at the glass shop. Exact edges add to the good looks of the product.
  • Printed decal. Another option is to print your information on the frosted vinyl. The combination of the full-color artwork with the slightly gray backdrop looks chic and adds plenty of pizzazz to your space.

How Durable are These Window Products?

frosted window graphics for offices in anaheim

When you order frosted vinyl sheets with an etched appearance for privacy, you do not want to repeat this purchase any time soon. At the same time, you need to be able to clean the windows without having to worry about damaging the product. We have found that 2-mil vinyl is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Estimated durability may range from five to eight years, depending on a professional installation and proper care.

Why Should I Choose a Professional Installation?

frosted glass graphics in irvine

Mounting the material sounds deceptively simple. You just need a squeegee, masking tape, a spray bottle, and a ruler. However, there is a lot more to the installation than meets the eye. Our specialists understand how to measure so that your stripes create a perfect continuation across multiple glass panels.

If you are even a little off, the whole project looks bad. Most importantly, it may cause the material to be slightly off, which results in areas that are not covered. However, when you entrust the project to our experts, you do not have to worry. The professional installation looks great, will not have any bubbles, and will not peel.

Buy Customized Frosted Glass Graphics in Orange County, CA

Frosted Glass Graphics in Orange County CA

What would you like your frosted window graphics to look like? If you already have a look you favor, we work with these specs. Conversely, if you still need a little help putting something together, we can help you with that aspect of the project as well. Call us today!

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