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Fleet Vehicle Wraps, Decals and Lettering for Commercial Vehicles in Garden Grove, CA!

 Feb 13, 2023

Fleet graphics for commercial vehicles are excellent tools for advertising a business, boosting brand awareness, and introducing consumers to your product or service in the first place. Beach City Lift is the latest client to take advantage of our customized decals and lettering for commercial vehicles in Garden Grove, CA. 

decals and lettering for commercial vehicels in garden grove, ca

Custom-Designed Commercial Van Graphics for a Forklift Services Specialist

The client had three Ford vans that we treated. Two of them were standard-length vehicles; one had an extended-length setup. We designed the window recess wraps to make the different-length vans look consistent. Because our technicians are 3M preferred installers, they could install all three graphics packages in one day, which got the client on the road fast! 

custom designed commercial van graphics in garden grove, ca

When designing the cargo van graphics, we focused on a brand-centric display. This means that the company’s name, business type, and contact information are the dominant pieces of information. A case in point is the menu of services that we placed directly underneath the colorful corporate persona setup. When the company takes these vans on the road, the vehicles expertly showcase brand differentiation and introduce the consumer to Beach City Lift’s services.

Fleet Graphics Multiply Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

The more vehicles with custom wraps or graphics you have on the road, the more likely it is that would-be customers see one – or more – of them while out and about. This makes fleet graphics a superior advertising and brand-building tool. Moreover, by offering three different types of contact options, including a QR code, a company can make it easy for anyone to get in contact with them or be directed to a landing page on the firm’s website.

cargo van graphics in garden grove, ca

We highly recommend the combination of the QR code with the website address, email, social media handles, or phone number. It addresses the consumer with a phone in hand. Taking a picture of the code is quick and easy. Most importantly, it maintains your information in the customer’s phone memory. This can make a significant difference when a business is ready to look for the product or service you represent.

Our Graphic Artist Specializes in the Professional Design of Fleet Graphics, Wraps, and Decal Packages

When you are ready to invest in decals and lettering for commercial vehicles in Garden Grove, CA, Superior Signs and Graphics can produce the materials you need to stand out. If you still need a little help designing a look that helps you differentiate yourself from other companies in your niche, entrust our graphic artist with the task. 

fleet graphics for commercial vehicles in anaheim, ca

Do you prefer a brand-centric approach? Do you want to advertise your company’s name? Maybe you are looking for a seasonal push that gets customers to your showroom, store, or office. We can create the graphics product to do the job. Call our shop today to schedule a design appointment or request a quote on your project!


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