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Long Lasting 3M Commercial Truck Graphics Work for La Habra Cement Finishing Company!

 Oct 23, 2017

Commercial Truck Graphics in La Habra CA

Earlier this year, we introduced you to D. L. Sinjem. In the cement-finishing business, this company uses a variety of trucks to haul crews and supplies. When we first met this client, the firm was dissatisfied with its truck graphics in La Habra, CA. The products were shrinking and lifting off the surfaces. We pinpointed the problem and made it right by adding graphics they were proud to show off!

More Long Lasting 3M Commercial Truck Graphics for D. L. Sinjem

When a representative from the company contacted us this time, it was to order more fleet graphics. The business is growing, and it was necessary to purchase another truck. To make the vehicle fit in with the rest of the fleet, we pulled up the client’s artwork and got to work.

3M Commercial Truck Lettering and Decals Orange County

3M Graphic films means we offer only quality graphics and lettering!

We kept the graphics on file, which cut down on the time it took us to put together the designs. This process saved the client time and money. We used the same high-quality 3M vinyl that resulted in excellent graphics products the last time around. Our technicians transformed the truck into a member of the fleet that advertises and brands the business wherever the driver pulls up.

Truck Graphics are a Must-Have for Contractors

When you first get a new truck or van, it is most likely factory white. There is nothing that will identify your company, which can be a problem. Pulling up to a job site, you will notice that the competition typically already has a graphics package in place. This simple advertising step gives these professionals instant credibility. It can make the difference between submitting the winning bid and being passed over for a competitor.

3M Commercial Lettering and Decals Orange County

A look at the truck before the graphics and lettering!

For the company that is just now breaking into a new territory, the graphics are vital for the build-up of name recognition, brand awareness, and product knowledge. The same is true when you are expanding your service area and want to introduce yourself to a new group of prospective clients.

Choose the Setup that Works for You

For many contractors, a graphics and lettering package works well. It provides consumers with the must-know information that identifies your niche, name, and brand symbol. But some prefer to add more. They select a partial wrap (or a full wrap) that shows off a menu of services and full-color images of products that the company provides. When sitting in traffic with others, these ads are eye candy and get plenty of attention from those looking around. Even if they are not currently in the market for your services, they pay attention to what you offer.

Get the Right Design Help in Orange or Los Angeles County

Vehicle Graphics and Lettering by 3M in Orange County

Adding graphics and lettering brands 24/7!

Many of our clients have never sat down with a graphic artist to design a logo or a set of images. Our sign shop includes this consultation as part of our service package. We help you put together a look that identifies your business, makes it stand out, and assists consumers with the formation of name and brand recognition. You do not have to know how to design the perfect look; entrust our experts with this task. Call us today to get started on your project!

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