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Custom Designed Car Wraps Installed By Our 3M Preferred Installers in Buena Park!

 Nov 20, 2018

Custom designed vehicle wraps Buena Park CA

Custom designed car wraps are not just for businesses. Our sign shop routinely works with private parties who love the idea of driving a unique vehicle around town. Case in point is Maureen. She is a prior client’s mother. She saw the vehicle striping that we did for these cars and liked our attention to detail. When she contacted us, she had a car that she wanted to imbue with some flair.

Top of the Line Escalade Gets a Custom Wrap Makeover

Custom designed car wraps in Buena Park CA

Customize your ride!

The Escalade is a gorgeous vehicle. This client has a couple of other cars that he had wrapped for fun. In other words, she knows a great wrap product when she sees it. Most importantly, she has a discerning taste and knows what she wants.

When Maureen met with our graphic artist, she brought with her a fabric print that she liked. Our expert recreated it in vector form. We then added a lavender background color that appealed to the client. It features a gradient, which is visually attractive. Our technicians used decal overlays to hide a couple of seams that were necessary.

The client was delighted with the finished look of the vehicle. Of the three wrapped vehicles that she now owns – two of which were done by other sign shops – she liked ours the best.

Working with 3M Preferred Installers Makes a Difference

Custom SUV wraps in Buena Park CA

Custom designs reveal your individuality!

3M is the manufacturer of the vinyl we use. This company makes a broad range of different products for all types of uses. Because there are so many different applications, the manufacturer offers training to sign shop professionals. The goal is to create a skilled group of experts who know which material to choose for the various jobs that it can fulfill.

Our team underwent this training. It combines theoretical teaching with hands-on applications. The manufacturer does not award the 3M preferred installer designation to just anyone. Participants have to demonstrate – hands-on – that they understand how to select vinyl, work with it, and install it according to manufacturer recommendations.

Doing so ensures that the consumer will receive a product that lasts. It will not peel, weather, or discolor. Most importantly, the vinyl will not fail. When you work with a 3M preferred installer, you can rest assured that you receive top-quality products as well as superior installations.

Why Should You Commission Custom Designed Car Wraps?

3M Preferred Car Wrap Installers Buena Park CA

Ready to order your custom vehicle wraps?

Southern California car dealerships routinely offer great deals on last year’s models. Moreover, there are top trade-ins. However, you may not like the colors that you see on the lot. Do not let something as small as a color prevent you from getting a fantastic deal on a car.

We can transform any car, SUV, truck, or van into the ride that defines your personality. Whether you want a custom-designed graphics product or prefer a black crocodile skin wrap, we can help. Moreover, our team gladly provides you with textured wraps, which take your vehicle’s contours over the top. Of course, these are just a few of the choices you have.

Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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