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Eye Catching Pole Banners Draw Attention to Businesses in Orange County

 Feb 23, 2016

Located at 14740 Ramona Avenue in Chino, Creative Bus Sales (CBS) specializes in new and used vehicles. This dealership also carries a variety of school buses, RV 5th wheels, and wheelchair-accessible transportation solutions. In the past, we did etched window lettering for this company. Now, the business called us back to design, manufacture and install six pole banners.

Pole Banners for Orange County, CA, Vehicle Dealerships

Eye-catching pole banners for businesses in Orange County

Attractive and heavy-duty!

After consulting with the client, we created six products that measure three feet in width and ten feet in height. During the manufacture, we reinforced the pole pockets to support the banner material and minimize the possibility of tears or rips. These banners show off the company’s color scheme, logo, name and some product information. After installing the products to the light poles on the dealership’s property, the client was so happy with the result that we will shortly receive another order for additional banners that the company intends to display at its Arizona and Florida locations.

Why Choose Pole Banners?

Pole banners offer several advantages to companies that include them in their advertising displays. For starters, they allow for a repetitive logo presentation, which usually addresses motorists. Spaced all along a business’s property, this marketing tool permits the creation of name awareness as well as brand recognition. The trick here is the customization of the product.

Custom Pole Banners Orange County

Great way to advertise!

Rather than showing off lengthy messages as other banners might, the pole flag usually only displays a one or two-word message, an image, or an expression. These signs are designed to pique a consumer’s curiosity. For example, CBS now displays a banner that says “Creative RV.” Without context, it is difficult for a passerby to understand what this means. As a result, a curious consumer may visit the dealership just to find out more. In so doing, the staff can convert the shopper into a buyer.

Where Do I Display These Banners?

There are several excellent display options for pole banners.

Vinyl pole banners Orange County CA

Market products or services!

  • Trade shows. When you are exhibiting your company to competitors, consumers and members of the business community, put up some poles that display your name and logo. Make those attending the event curious about your company. When they see your booth with the matching logo, they will come over to find out more.
  • Business properties. Whether you have light poles that line the front of your property, or you have a parking lot with light poles, these are prime real estate for the display of your pole banners. Identify your business and use these products as wayfinding tools.
  • Special events. If you host a booth at a local fair, act as an event sponsor for a non-profit organization or put on a parking lot sale, these banners are suitable for making your presence known and guiding consumers in your direction. Even if you are not actively selling anything at the event you attend, consider the presentation of your company’s information an excellent way of leveraging your brand.

If we have inspired you to give pole banners in Orange County, CA, another look, contact our graphic artists for assistance.

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