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Contour Cut Aluminum Building Sign for Nonprofit in Anaheim CA

 Feb 14, 2016

Located at 819 South Harbor Boulevard, My Safe Harbor is dedicated to the empowerment of single mothers leaving at or below the poverty level. Understanding that within the low-income community there is a distinct lack of support systems and a high likelihood of homelessness, addictive traits and family upheaval, this organization seeks to break the cycle and provide new hope to participants in the program. When the group needed a building sign, its management team contacted our signage experts.

Exterior Building Signs for Nonprofits in Anaheim, CA

Contour Cut Aluminum Building Signs Anaheim CA

An affordable sign with flair!

When working with nonprofit organizations, there are two major considerations for signage orders: a budget-friendly product and a high durability that will make the investment last for a long time. Our graphic designers achieved both by creating a contour-cut aluminum sign that mimics the logo and lettering you see on the group’s website. Featuring the group’s colors, too, the sign allows for easy wayfinding.

Achieving your Wayfinding, Marketing, and Branding Needs with Outdoor Signage

The markers that you place on the outside of your building fulfill a number of functions simultaneously.

Aluminum building signs Orange County CA

Sturdy and attractive!

  1. Wayfinding. Assist those in search of your company or organization to find your entrance. Whether you are operating out of a storefront in a mall setting, a stand-alone location or have commercial neighbors in a business park, attaching a sign directly to your façade is a good idea. Make it large enough so that motorists can easily read it, no matter what the traffic speed in front of your location might be.
  2. Marketing. Presenting consumers with your signage is also a highly successful marketing tool. Unless you are satisfied to have your business’ information spread only by word of mouth, you must rely to some extent on foot traffic. Whether it is a prospective client who learns of your organization’s existence by seeing your signage or a curious shopper who enters your store to check out your products, the sign is instrumental in addressing them all.
  3. Branding. Explain to those seeing your signage what your group or enterprise is all about. Achieve this goal with the combination of colors and shapes. For example, My Safe Harbor uses bright orange as a color that is happy and cheerful, which goes hand in hand with the tagline, “a pathway to hope.” Achieve something similar by putting your brand’s message into the signage.
Affordable building signs Orange County CA

Need an affordable building sign?

Discussing Your Signage Needs with an Expert

A contour-cut aluminum sign panel is an excellent choice for a company that needs a highly visible but budget-friendly sign. Channel letters are favorites of retailers in strip mall settings. Box cabinets are ideal for manufacturers, car dealerships and schools. Since these signs offer a larger display surface that allows for the presentation of professional affiliation and awards information, it achieves its branding quite easily in this manner.

Whether you need exterior building signs for nonprofits in Anaheim, CA, or you have a need for outdoor signage that will identify your store or service establishment, our graphic artists can help. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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