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Decals and Lettering for Garden Grove Plumbing Van Add Professional Appearance and Advertise Every Day!

 Aug 13, 2019

Vinyl decals and lettering for commercial vans in Garden Grove CA

EZ Drain & Plumbing is Garden Grove’s premier plumbing contractor. The company contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to discuss upping its mobile marketing presence with the Ford cargo van the firm uses. Our team recommended customized decals and lettering for the van.

Our Graphic Designer Did All the Design Work for the Van Graphics

Vinyl Decals and Graphics for Plumbing Contractors

Vinyl decals and lettering advertise 365 days per year!

We discussed the presentation that the client wanted to see. The goal for the graphics product was brand-awareness building. This goal means that we needed to combine a robust corporate persona presence with a competitor differentiation. What does this mean in practice?

  • Large-sized name and logo presentation. For the corporate presence, we designed the name and logo so that it would take up the entirety of a van door. It features the logo at the center of the name and provides sufficient space for a tagline.
  • Menu of services. A list of services differentiates one company from another. Together with the display of the name and logo, it is an excellent method for creating brand awareness. In the case of EZ Drain & Plumbing, a significant differentiation is the fact that the firm offers free second opinions.
  • Contact details in a contrasting tone. To ensure visual cohesion as well as contrast, we displayed the company’s phone number in a hue that breaks up the blue tones we used thus far. It looks fantastic and is easy to read.
Vinyl graphics for plumbing vans in Garden GroveCA

A menu list of services allows consumers to easily see what you offer!

For the back of the vehicle, our team shrunk the graphics somewhat to allow for a full display of all the information. Now, the company communicates its brand message whenever the van is on the road. It does not matter if other motorists at by its side or behind it.

Working with a 3M Certified Installation Team Makes the Difference

Superior Signs and Graphics is not only your go-to sign shop when you need excellent vehicle graphics designed and printed. We are also the shop that companies trust with their graphics and wrap installations. This is the case because our team invested the time, money, and effort to undergo the extensive 3M graphics installation certification training.

Doing so ensured that we could treat your car and the vinyl material according to manufacturer specifications. Case in point is the ability to prepare the vehicle for maximum adhesion of the vinyl. Similarly, our team understands how far to stretch the vinyl and still maintain its conformability. Besides that, installers remove remaining tension through the use of specific heating techniques.

Vinyl lettering for plumbing vans in Garden Grove CA

Your logo as a van decal!

This expertise ensures that your graphics product remains in place for a long time to come. Moreover, it looks as good in year three as it did on day three. However, there are other advantages to working with a 3M certified installation crew. For EZ Drain & Plumbing, it meant having the team use 3M premium cast vinyl for long life and an in-house installation that resulted in less than a one-day-turnaround!

Does Your Business Need Van Decals and Lettering in Garden Grove, CA?

Find out how our designer can put together your graphics from the ground up. Moreover, see how quickly we can install the products and get your vehicle back on the road. We serve the business communities in and around the counties of Orange and Los Angeles. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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