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Wall Graphics Add Themes of Learning and Fun for The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana!

 Oct 23, 2019

Wall Graphics for Boys and Girls Clubs in Santa Ana CA

Just recently, we started a large project with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast. It consists of wall graphics in Santa Ana for the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana. Located at 950 West Highland Street, this location has served the area’s youth for 65 years.

Academic Enrichment at the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana

The facility gears its programs toward youngsters between grades one and 12. In the process, it offers academic reinforcement, recreational fitness, and social skills development. Superior Signs and Graphics assisted this specific location with wall murals that encompass three rooms.

Two are called STEAM Labs (an acronym for Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). For children, STEAM is a big deal in California’s educational system. More and more schools change their teaching approaches to facilitate this combination of strategies. Therefore, it made sense for the Boys & Girls Clubs to support this type of learning environment.

An Artistic Display from Our Graphic Designer

Wall Graphics for Boys and Girls Clubs in Santa Ana CA

Make rooms fun for learning with wall graphics!

The third graphic is for the entrance wall, which youngsters and their parents see when they enter the facility. Since the STEAM labs are side by side with a glass partition, it was essential to design a graphic presentation that would flow from one room to the other.

Most importantly, it was critical to prevent any glare from the illumination. Once again, our team ensured that the murals would look fantastic. The team used die-cut graphics with a matte laminate. It looks excellent and makes cleanup a snap.

Looking forward, we are planning to treat an additional two rooms with murals and wall graphics. We will continue with the encouraging and inspiring lettering as well as the academic support theme. Doing so provides program participants with a backdrop that inspires learning and teamwork.

Working with the Facility You Have to Put Together an Inspiring Brand Message

Wall Graphics | Wall Murals | Santa Ana CA

Add pizzazz and color to education rooms!

This project exemplifies the innovative approach to murals and wall graphics that our designer takes. We believe in incorporating your facility’s design in the mix, which ensures that the graphics are holistic in nature. They work with your interior décor, which makes them essential for branding.

Besides that, they look good. The images are memorable, and they encourage your customers to buy into your brand message. For the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana, this means that the youngsters feel inspired to learn. For your business, it might mean having a customer do business with you versus a competitor down the road.

Experience the Power of Wall Graphics in Santa Ana, CA

Wall Murals for boys and girls clubs in Santa Ana CA

We’ve helped Boys & Girls Clubs with wall graphics all over Orange County!

What do your lobby, conference room, and hallways say about your company right now? Are they prolific brand communicators? Alternatively, are they bland and without much character? Wall graphics and murals are among the most budget-friendly treatments that you can use to change your venue’s look and feel virtually overnight.

Learn more about your options by connecting with our sign shop today. We gladly come out for a site survey and offer you some design suggestions that could make the locale pop.

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