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Custom Wall Graphics and Wall Murals for Orange County Small Businesses!

 Sep 15, 2015

Changing the look and feel of your space can be as simple as changing the look of your office walls. While in the past, you might have thought of the paint bucket and brush as your only options, there are now custom wall graphics for Orange County businesses. They successfully adjust the atmosphere of any location to be more in tune with your vision for the space and its branding message.

Cuttwood LLC Sales Room Gets a Wall Wrap

Custom wall graphics and wall murals Orange County

Awesome lobby wall graphics!

Liquid vapor manufacturer Cuttwood LLC succeeded at transforming an office space into a locale that uniquely brands and markets. Loyal readers of this blog already know that we handled multiple walls for them during a different installation. The management team called us to come back and make over the sales room with a wall wrap. This call center setup lets employees make outbound calls and take inbound inquiries from customers.

This was not a small setup. The largest wall measures 429 inches in width. To enhance the visual appeal of the space, we also wrapped the door. Just like the other wall wraps we already did, a marketing company handled the overall design of the product. Yet, just like last time, we had to make some modifications to the design to enhance the print quality of the finished look. We used top-quality vinyl with a matte laminate.

Why Paint is on the Way Out

Custom wall wraps for small businesses in Orange County

Make your small business a great place to work!

Branding is becoming a serious business. It used to be enough to package a product in such a manner that it would create brand awareness. From there, the marketing wisdom demanded that advertising via papers and billboards would also communicate a clear branding message. Competition became fierce, and vehicle wraps were enlisted to take branding messages onto the road. The latest step in this escalation is the branding of the venue.

Nothing does it better than a full-scale wall wrap. With this product solution, you have the option of covering a large surface with a message that includes lettering as well as images. Memorable color combinations, as well as the subliminal style elements that Cuttwood LLC so successfully uses, prove to be effective. Visiting clients, investors, representatives of rival companies and similar guests take in the branding message and cannot help but be affected by it. This is not a result you can get from a can of paint.

Ordering Custom Wall Murals for Orange County Businesses

Fabricating Wall Wraps for Small Businesses in Orange County

Fabricating these wall wraps!

The professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics work with a broad range of companies that span multiple niches. We have designed and installed numerous wall wraps that now help companies to market effectively and stand out from the competition. We can help you do the same thing. Contact our graphic artists to discuss your vision for the space you currently rent or own.

We design a wall wrap that incorporates any artwork you presently have on file. If you prefer, we gladly create something completely new from scratch. See how the look and feel of your office can change overnight – with little more than vinyl coverings for your walls and possibly also your doors. No space is too large or too small to benefit from this treatment. Call us today to get started on your order.

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