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Viavi Solutions Attracts with Stunning Dimensional Letters in Commerce CA

 Sep 14, 2015

You find the sales office for Viavi Solutions at 6141 Sheila Street. In the business of providing network operators with the solutions they need to design, maintain and grow tomorrow’s IT networks, this company is a much sought after expert in the world of virtual and physical networks. When this company needed dimensional letter building signs in Commerce, CA, Superior Signs and Graphics was contacted by a fellow Signworld business for assistance.

Signage Installation by Professionals

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Dimensional letters fabricated to reveal their logo!

The signs that our client needed to have installed were actually manufactured by another reputable Signworld professional in San Jose. This sign maker created three sets of two-inch-thick, hollow aluminum letters that were then painted in the attractive purple hue that signifies Viavi’s brand. Our technicians took careful measurements to ensure a perfect spacing for this product. Now, the sign expertly markets and brands the company’s sales office location.

Versatile Signage Industry Experts

Our sign shop is not a one-trick pony. We routinely work with business clients who entrust us with the design, manufacture and installation of their signage products. That said, we also work with companies that have already had their signage manufactured by a third party but now need an experienced installer to put it up. Sometimes, these signs are shipped in from out of state sign makers that work with franchisors. At other times, a sign shop may not have available technicians to handle the installation. No matter what the reason is, we can handle any type of setup.

Aluminum letter building signs Commerce CA

Made of sturdy aluminum!

We usually start with a site survey to take measurements and gain information about the wall’s makeup. Some façade materials call for more involved installation techniques than others. Next, we inspect the finished sign to see if the professional sent along any hardware to put it up. If this is not the case, we take inventory of the parts that we need to bring to your location. Finally, when it is convenient for your schedule, we visit your venue to install the product.

Beyond the Initial Installation

Our experts most certain install exterior building signs for Commerce, CA, members of the business community. Yet did you know that we also perform regular maintenance tasks as well as the refurbishing of existing signs – no matter who handled the design, manufacture and installation? If you are moving into a new location that already has some signs on the property, our technicians gladly come out to evaluate the products. We look for structural soundness, missing parts and the overall useful life that you can still expect to get out of the marker.

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Interested in brand building aluminum letters?

At that time, we can tell you if it is worthwhile to restore or refurbish these products, which can save your business quite a bit of money. When it turns out that it would be more expensive to bring these products back to life than to commission brand-new ones from the ground up, we can handle the design and manufacture of your new signage. As a one-stop shop, our graphic artists and installation technicians put you and your company first. Call us today to find out what we can do for your business!

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