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Dress Up Your Ride with Custom Car Decals in Orange County

 Dec 22, 2014

It is a common misconception that you have to be affiliated with a business to have your vehicle treated with custom car decals. Orange County locals are now discovering that Superior Signs and Graphics is also in the business of working with the private car owner who envisions something a little more dramatic than the car that was driven off the lot. And why not? Case in point is our customer to needed something done with a Honda Accord.

There are a large number of them around, but this customer had already worked hard to make this particular one look different and stand out from the crowd. The only things that were missing were the graphics. Ordering die-cut vinyl graphics to be installed on the side and hood made this car’s look pop! There is now no mistaking who is pulling up to the hip places in town. And you know what? We can do something similar for your vehicle as well.

Custom vehicle vinyl die cut decals Orange County

Vinyl decals customized just for your car!

Vinyl Graphics

Do you want to add some die cut vinyl graphics? Orange County car aficionados like these to represent an attitude. Whether they are tongue-in-cheek humorous, simply funny or thought-provoking, we can help you put together a graphics display that suits your car and your need for self expression.

Color Changes

You needed an affordable car but now loathe to be seen in your vehicle. You really like the make and model, but you dislike the color. Maybe it got a lousy paintjob – which is why the car was such a steal at the dealer’s – and now you are stuck with it. We can help! We gladly change the color of your vehicle with a full color-change wrap. Choose any color you like – even if something like it has never been seen on a vehicle before.

Window Treatments

Adding a window perf that continues a light vehicle color is a nice way of getting a message across and blocking outsiders from looking into the back of your car. Musicians like to have their vans and cars treated in this way because it makes it difficult for folks to see any music equipment sitting around in the back. In addition, perfs add a hint of mystery to your vehicle.

Vehicle vinyl decals Orange County

Show off your personality with vinyl decals!

Carbon Fiber Wrap

Imagine changing your car’s look – in whole or in part – to that of carbon fiber. Hood and rear view mirror treatments are frequently done. Black is the color of choice, but it is also possible to select a flame red or white. The texture provides a level of depth that turns heads. Everyone will know who is stopping by when your car pulls up at the curb. This is a treatment that leaves our customers speechless when they first see the results.

Getting Started

If you are inspired to take a second look at your daily driver and get it from “blah” to “wow,” we can help you. Just call our friendly professionals to set up an appointment, and bring your car to our shop. We use the make and model information to calculate the proportions of the vehicle treatments. Next, we work with you on the look that you want. If you already have some artwork, we can incorporate it into the design.

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