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C&L Refrigeration Brands With Truck Lettering in Brea CA

 Dec 21, 2014

Located at 479 Nibus Street, C&L Refrigeration is in the business of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning. This family-owned company was founded in 1977. Now, it has grown to employ 150 highly-skilled experts who serve the areas of California and Southern Nevada. Ever ready to continue growing, the company’s management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to discuss truck vinyl decals and lettering. Brea, CA, is home to a number of competitors and staying ahead of the curve will guarantee the company another 30 years (at least) of success in the industry.

Contractor truck lettering Brea CA

Bright and bold truck lettering will get your business noticed!

Bold Truck Lettering Brands Any Contractor Business

We had done business with C&L Refrigeration before. The company uses red F250 work trucks and just bought some new ones. To stand out while at the job site, the color works extremely well. The lettering is white, which provides an ideal contrast to the red backdrop. The logo is done in black, white and gray. The result is a popping display that instantly grabs the eye. In addition, it harmonizes with the trim coloring of the trucks’ exteriors.

Should you consider adding a similar type of contractor truck lettering? Brea, CA, and its surrounding areas are home to a wide range of industrial complexes that are constantly in need of services. If your contractor business specializes in industrial versus residential services, being highly visible can be a major advantage to you. After all, there are plenty of residential contractors around; finding one that is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of industry is a lot harder.

Ways to Use Vehicle Vinyl Lettering

Making yourself known is easy when you choose truck lettering.

  • Highlight your niche. In addition to identifying the company’s name and contact information, make it know that you are in business to provide commercial HVAC, plumbing or general contracting services. You never know when a plant manager or someone else in charge of hiring experts in your niche will see your treated vehicle.
  • Choose contrasting colors. The contrast of red and white is excellent. The red instantly attracts attention. The white is impossible to ignore. But you do not have to change your truck colors just to follow suit. If you have a white work truck, consider the installation of a full or partial wrap. This gives you the splashes of color and visual interest you need to stand out from the crowd. Even vinyl decals are quite useful in this setting. For trucks or vans with other colors, simply select a lettering color that presents the starkest contrast possible for easy visibility.
  • Make contact easy. Listing your phone number is a necessity. But why stop there? If your company is active on social media, use the lettering to make it known how folks can interact with you on Facebook or Twitter. This is also the time to send potential commercial customers to your website. Make this a value-added experience by routinely posting service discounts and special offers on your site.

When you are ready to market, brand and stand out like C&L Refrigeration, talk to our friendly professionals for more information and to get started on your design order.

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