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Custom Lobby Wall Sign Graces the Reception Area for Evolus Logo Rebranding in Newport Beach, CA!

 Sep 11, 2023

Our team returned to Evolus, the collaborative project we have been undertaking with 1:9 Architecture. Besides showroom wall graphics and dimensional logos for the office, it was now time for a custom lobby wall sign in Newport Beach, CA. The client requested a one-inch-thick acrylic logo sign with accompanying lettering. 

1 inch thick acrylic logo signs for offices in newport beach, ca

Look closely, and you notice that the products have custom dark brown, brushed metal faces. This color matches the laminate the client used for the countertop next to the reception desk. It creates a sophisticated look and contributes to the overall elegant ambiance of the space. 

A Closer Look at Brushed Metal Lobby Logo Signs

When working with metallic finishes, brushing affects the material’s luster. Fine, parallel lines run the length of the material. Rather than a polished finish, the light reflects from a somewhat matte surface. Our team adapts the use of the bristles to your desired grain finish.

However, the metallic surface is sometimes little more than a laminate added to a different – and frequently much more budget-friendly – substrate.

brushed metal lobby logo signs in newport beach, ca

In the case of Evolus, we mounted the metal to acrylic. For another client, we combined black PVC with brushed metal faces for a great-looking color contrast. Because our technicians did not paint the PVC, the black color contrasted beautifully with the bright silvery laminate. Of course, we can also accommodate clients looking for aluminum signage with a brushed finish.

Brushed Metal for the Exterior of Office Buildings

So far, we have only discussed brushed metal lobby log signs. However, the material is just as ideally suited for the outside. For example, the combination of one-inch-thick sign foam with brushed metal faces looks impressive and allows for the three-dimensional effect you want on an exterior sign. Because outdoor-rated sign foam is fully paintable, our technicians can introduce one or more brand colors from your corporate palette. 

Brushed or Polished Metal – Which One Works Well in Your Office?

A polished metal lobby sign is far rarer. It is a favorite of companies whose brand story includes cutting-edge services or products. And, as is the case with its brushed metal counterparts, polished metal can be applied as a laminate to substrates such as acrylic, PVC, or indoor-rated sign foam. A shiny silver finish looks a lot like chrome, but it has a warmer tone. 

Are You Shopping for a Custom Lobby Wall Sign in Newport Beach, CA?

custom acrylic lobby logo signs in newport beach, ca

Have you been considering metal? Work with our graphic artist on the design of the product. We can accommodate your taste and budget, whether you want a sign made from metal through and through or prefer a different substrate with a metallic laminate. Moreover, we can assist you with determining whether polished or brushed metal is the best look for your location. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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