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Brushed Metal Building Letters Help Chino Industrial Facility Stand Out!

 Jan 25, 2021

Located at 4755 Lanier Road, Staga LLC is in the business of wheels, tires, and other performance products. When this company wanted to stand out in all the right ways, its management team hired our sign shop to buy brushed metal building letters in Chino CA.

Outdoor-Rated Sign Foam is a Budget-Friendly Material That Stands Out

Brushed Metal Building Letters in Chino CA

When we discussed the signage design with the company’s representatives, they emphasized that the lettering had to stand out. In fact, the firm had painted a stripe on the building that represents a charcoal backdrop color for the regular medium gray of the walls.

Our technicians responded with the design, production, and installation of one-inch-thick sign foam that we painted black. Next, we flat-cut brushed metal faces for the individual letters. After attaching them and mounting the letters on the stripe, you will now notice that the style elements stand out beautifully.

Is Sign Foam Right for Your Building Signage Needs?

Building Sign installation in Orange County CA

You already know that Superior Signs and Graphics works with all types of materials. There are acrylic, PVC, metal, and high-density urethane. Another one of the materials that many clients like is outdoor-rated sign foam.

Could it be suitable for your next building sign?

3D Foam Letter Building Signs

  • Lightweight. Unlike fabricated metal or thick acrylic, outdoor-rated sign foam is lightweight. If your façade might not support the weight of a large sign featuring other materials, foam is an excellent choice.
  • Durable. There is more to foam than meets the eye. Depending on the product you select, you benefit from the durability of a polystyrene core sandwiched between two outer layers. This construction allows the product to remain rigid even in high winds. Moreover, choose your material makeup with your display need in mind. Appreciably less expensive, lower-weight materials may last about three to five years. Heavier weights result in a durability of about seven to ten years.
  • Customizable. Technicians can use the router to cut the material into the shape you want. We finish it with a paint job that focuses attention on your corporate color palette. Another option is the installation of an imprinted vinyl overlay. In the alternative, take a page from the playbook of Staga, and choose brushed metal as a laminate for installation.

By the way, business clients have also ordered foam letters and signs for other functions. For example, if you are looking for wayfinding products, need hanging signage, or want dimensional letters that underscore a sales campaign, you cannot go wrong with foam.

Buying Brushed Metal Building Letters in Chino, CA

Foam Letter Building Signs with a Brushed Metal Face

The majority of clients choose to have us combine brushed metal laminates with other substrates. Examples include PVC, foam, or acrylic. However, if you prefer, we can produce the building letters using metal. Typical options include stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel, copper, bronze, or aluminum. Treating the fronts of the letters to create the brushed look is a snap. These types of letters also offer a 3D effect.

Because there are many decisions to be made, we recommend that you contact our graphic artist for assistance. This specialist will walk you through the options and assist you in selecting the right setup for your business. Call today!

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